Andy Irons Passes Away at 32

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With his first child due next month, surfing legend Andy Irons was found dead in a Dallas hotel room yesterday morning. He was 32.

The three-time world champion was scheduled to return home to Hawaii, but reportedly felt sick and booked the room in Texas for a night. An employee found him in bed around 10 a.m. local time.

While an official cause of death has not been determined, the surfer's family released a statement saying, "[Andy] had reportedly been battling with dengue fever, a viral disease."

According to the police reports, cops found bottles of alprazolam (the generic version of Xanax)  and zolpidem (the generic version of Ambien) on tables near the bed.

Rumors of drug use have often surrounded the athlete, but surfing writer Nick Carroll says he doubted any foreign substances played a role in his death.

"Andy, at times during his life, was an energetic party boy, but he really seemed to have shrugged that off in the last year or two," Carroll said. "His wife was pregnant with their first child and she's about a month from delivery."

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I hope he makes stupid comments like that out in the real world so someone can sort him out and we dont have to read any more of his ill-informed nonsense . Andy,a great guy and a fantastic athlete....


A.I. R.I.P. ALOHA PUMEHANA KANAKA O KAI.........MAN , MYTH , LEGEND.........SAY ALOHA TO Eddie , Duke , iz , love and peace , Davo.


rip andy,you are a legend,hope all bad comes too that arsewhole,
randyjacksonbutt,what a fucking name,where you get off,hope the
hui boys do catch up with you,love too here about it.
your surfing was an insperation too everyone,your balls in big
theaupu,pipe,loved watching you.
still can,t fathem you are gone,
all the best too your wife,son and family.
never forget you,chicko-gold coast


@randyjackson - I am in the process of tracking your IP address right now from this site. Have some Hui friends coming by to visit your ass. You'll have a chance to express your feelings about Andy to them in person. Best of luck with useless cunt.


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Rip Andy////)))))))))
to lose such a great person and surf icon this early in his life is losing a brother or friend in the water who we all have either looked up to, admired, surfed with, or even grew up with and have some asshole randyjacksonbutt leave comments like he did burns me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This dude needs to b beat down. Fa-Q Randy Jacksonbutt. U better crawl back under that fukin rock you came out of and keep your fukin mouth shut before someone shuts it for you!!!! Aloha to all my brothers and sista's in the water
mahalo Andy for inspiring me to charge. Were all gonna miss ya!!! Will pray for your ohana bro
Rip Andy irons. Aaaaaalohaaa


This story is heartbreaking, My only hope is that the truth is revealed about Andy's struggle with drugs, and if this was an overdose on Methadone (or anything else) that is revealed and not covered up with some other story. It is not my hope to vilanize Andy in anyway, addiction is a a powerful and cunning disease. I myself am a recovering addict. Methadone can be dangerous when not taken properly - people need to know this. And perhaps Andy's experience can help a still suffering addict and save their life.