Amber Portwood Welcomes Home Baby Leah!

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Amber Portwood and her baby Leah have reunited.

The two-year-old was under Indiana's control (as in the State of Indiana) after a very turbulent period, but officials returned her to the Teen Mom star Monday.

"Leah is moving into Amber's new home, where Amber had her daughter’s bedroom all set up," a source says. "Amber is so excited to have Leah back!"

LEAH'S HOME: Mother and daughter are together once again.

Just last week, we learned that Leah became a ward of the state, meaning decisions over where she lives falls to a judge and a government agency.

Portwood and ex-fiance Gary Shirley had earlier agreed that Leah was better off living with him for the time being. Child Protective Services agreed.

"It was safer for her to stay at Gary's because of all the photographers outside my house," Amber Portwood, who lives in Anderson, Ind., explained.

The star, who's battling serious anger issues, said living without Leah was "the lowest of the low. Every night she's been saying, 'Where's Mommy?'"

On November 18, Portwood was charged by Anderson police for attacking Shirley in front of Leah; she is faced with two felony battery charges.

Now she says she's picking up what's left of her life - or at least trying:

"I'm trying to put the pieces back together," she said. "I have to get better so when I get my baby back, she sees her mom as happy as can be."

Here's wishing her the best in that difficult, ongoing quest.


What infuriated me about this whole situation was that if Gary had hit Amber he would have been arrested immediately, charged and put in jail. Turn about is fair play. Amber desperately need at least 6 mos to a year of anger management classes. She will be physically abusive to Leah in time and anyone else who comes into her life unless she is forced by the court to get help.


Leah needs to be raised by other people. I don't think Amber was ever ready to give up her freedom to care for this little girl. The state taking the child was the best wake-up call Amber ever got. I hope she buckles down and wizens up to be a good mom or she should just give her child to some other responsible relative to raise.


Maybe Amber's anger and frustration is really because Gary is gay. Nothing wrong with being gay, but I just noticed the wife or girlfriend of a closeted gay men usually feel like something is wrong, they get angry, have a baby, stay in denial and then start to self destruct. Look at Katie Holmes Cruise and Kate Gosselin.


People change and I hope that Amber is on the right path and able to continue to grow as a person and a mother. It is scary because if she does that in front of a camera what does she do when there isn't one? I think it is unfair to judge her for what happen and assume she isn't different now. This may have been the wake up call she needed. As parents we have all been in situations where we would have been mortified if it was aired on tv. Not abuse mind you but we have all made mistakes. She is a smart young lady that needs to issue a bit more common sense. There is defiantly a marked difference so far so I hope she can maintain it. Say what you will but she does love that child as only a mother can. It cant be easy raising a little one when you still haven't grown up.The best thing they can do is dump the camera's go to councilor maybe a doctor and move forward without the public's in put.


this woman is insane!!..are you kidding me??...this poor child needs a better mother..Amber does NOT deserve such a beautiful little angel..someone needs to do something about this..and quick!!


I'm shocked! What part of "Anger issues" doesn't the state understand?????!!!!! This poor 2 yr. old doesn't stand a chance with Amber. Leah needs and deserves to be with either Gary or someone else who cares for that's child's welfare. Clearly, Amber has proven over and over again that she is not the right person to care for a child her's or anyone else's. What's the state waiting for anyway?? Leah will end up injured or dead if left with this maniac. Sad sad sad


amber swears just because she lost weight shes all that!i cant stand watching the way she is!!honestly i think leah deserves a better mom because of the way she is!how the hell do u up and leave ur daughter and not eveb call or check up on her?amber isnt a fit mom and she shud be lockd up for what she did on cameras!HELLO are u dumm did u not think america wasnt going to see what you did?did u do it just to show off?if u did now u gotta do time for all of that!!was it worth??its stupid if u ask me!!ur new boyfriend is just using you because he jus got out and he aint got not job!!OPEN UP UR EYES!!if not for ur retarded self but for LEAH!!cus really shes all that matters not you!!!AND GARY!!OMG..ur too soft!!man up


This trailer trick is Sarah Palin's image of "government staying out of our lives" at work! We have the right to have our fat, promiscuous daughters wave their ill-gotten bastards around in everyone's faces - for a fee. Just like Bristol the Pistol!!! Yeah!


Oh dear lord. That poor, poor baby. I cannot believe that she cleaned up her act enough in less than a week to be allowed custody. Let's see how long before her "friends" start posting their videos all over the internet of Amber partying it down with that baby there, or worse.


Poor leah living with an abusive mother! How sad

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