Amber Portwood: Teen Mom in Danger!

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Amber Portwood’s mother and friends are worried for her safety.

The Teen Mom star is in "serious danger," they believe, given her prescription drug abuse and violent outbursts. People fear for Amber and her daughter Leah.

Farrah Abraham on the After Show

Amber has not abandoned baby Leah, but left her with ex Gary Shirley. Why? "She’s getting death threats," says a friend. "She doesn’t want Leah around that.”

The source says Amber Portwood will be on Teen Mom’s third season, even though she doesn’t want to: ”Amber has a contract that she cant get out of.”

Still, things may be looking up: “She’s seeing a therapist, and it’s going well. It’s even better that her and Gary are apart and not getting back together.”

With all the drama surrounding Amber - including the ongoing domestic violence investigation - perhaps the third season should be her last on MTV.

Then again, the network will likely milk it for all it's worth. When you have two popular shows (Jersey Shore and Teen Mom), you do what you gotta.

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Amber is lucky Gary hasn't turned around and slapped her after everything she has done. He is a much better parent then she is, Amber is too high maintenance and doesn't understand that she has a responsibility. All she ever does is curse or abuse Gary and its not on. If this was the other way around and Gary was hitting Amber, there would be a major uproar and he would be locked up for years. Its time people started realising that women can do just as much damage, not only to Gary but to poor Leah. Amber has a lot of growing up to do and I hope Gary and Leah steer clear until she has matured and got help for her anger.


I think that having a child is a big responsibility. Amber is giving her daughter all she can give. I think amber also has a short temper but who wouldnt with a kid and with a boyfriend who on occassion puts stress on her shoulders thats uncalled for. She tries hard and you can see that both gary and amber need to develop theyre communication skills and need to learn to get on for the sake of theyre daughter. But until you've walked in her shoes dont judge the girl!


Those of you that think that Amber is a good mother are just as messed up as she is. You cannot hit another person in front of a child and expect to be a good person. As far as taking care of Leah I say she does a horrible job at it and she does not deserve such a wonderful blessing. GO GARY!!!!!


I can understand how amber gets so angry especially if someone took my kid like that I wouldve gone crazy, cameras or not, that's HER daughter too! N too bad she's getting death threats, those people are not happy with there lives so they have to go and judge someone elses life!


I think both amber & gary need to grow up.


leah needs to be in a loving home with someone to love her. Not with a psycho ass poor excuse for a mother. I also believe that amber did not lose weight on her own. I do believe she smokes crack in order to slim down. Crackheads do go off if they can not get their crack hits. Amber give mtv back the 65,000 they paid u. And ppl please pray for lil leah. Thanks.


i dont understand you people kate gosselin talk a lot of shit to her asian husband and the kids stay with her no1 said nothing c'mon people that's call verbal abuse and everyone in america like that crazy bitch !!!! and when this girl amber finally explode emotionally then what a bad person she is the worts mom in the planet OMG people just leave her alone like she really beat this loser fatso guy name gary he call her ignorant he never help her a good husband alway help his wife so the wife can be happy and take care of the kids this guy is a pain in the ass i dint have to live with him to be over my nerves i cant stand him hope single gals notice that a guy who likes to play video games and still living with his mom is a NO NO.
media is taking advantage of this teen girl to make money and amber is just a example


I swear,, I think if she lost Leah it would be the best thing.. She's said she ain't a bad mom but look at how she lives her life. All she does is lay in bed or on the couch. Leah seems like sheis very behind in development and I blame amber. Does a human not no how to speak to someone.. All she does is yell.. I think her best dose of therapy would be a big blow and punch in her face.. And to have everything taken away from her.., and for her not to be on t.v. Again


I pray for Leah's sake she is getting help and that it is working for her, cause every kid needs a mom - but no one needs this kind of mom. Praying Leah stays with Gary for a good long time. She's safe there. God bless. RB


Why isn't anyone making sure that Leah is not anywhere close to Amber? Gary has showed nothing but good common sense and should have Leah full time and making sure Amber isn't alone with her EVER! Amber is in need of more than a few visits with a shrink. This girl has a lot of mental issue. As far as death threats go!? what the heck is that all about? Why would anyone threaten her? Must be just another of her made up lies. MTV loves a train wreck and they're going to get their money's worth on his girl.