Amber Portwood Laments Loss of Baby Leah

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood says having 2-year-old daughter Leah taken away by Child Protective Services and placed with her ex-fiance was a low point.

We can see that. The powers that be intervened for other reasons than her routine beatings of Gary Shirley, too. The attention Amber gets was a big concern.

Teen Mom Stars Destroyed!

"Child Protective Services agreed that it was safer for her to stay at Gary's because of all the photographers outside my house," says Amber Portwood.

TEEN MOM BEATDOWN: Gary Shirley's received his share.

Amber's now-infamous physical attacks on her ex have garnered national attention, and sparked a domestic abuse investigation by Anderson, Ind., police.

On medication to cope with anxiety, she calls the forced separation from Leah "is the lowest of the low. Every night she's been saying, 'Where's Mommy?'"

"I feel like everything is spinning out of control, and I'm just trying to put the pieces back together," she tells Us Weekly. "I have to get myself better.

"When I get my baby back, she'll see her mom as happy as can be."

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Poor leah. She is stuck with a fucked up mom for life. Amber needs to grow up,she is a poor excuse for a mother. I do not believe she lost 65lbs. By working out. I do believe she is on crack, because crackheads snap on ppl when they need a crack hit. I should know, because she has the signs of one. Leah needs to be with someone who can love her not hurt her. Not to be around a psycho, who might beat on her in a fit of rage. Oh before i foget. Amber why don't you give mtv back their money of 65,000 a show they pay you. Because their paying for your crack habit. Please pray for lil leah someone.


Its apparent that amber has some emotional struggles from her childhood and they have not been addressed and now she is lashing out a frenzy of anger on gary and leah. In order for amber to settle her anger, she needs to see someone who can help her filter her rages into solutions for being unpleased with something. She only knows to hit and scream. Having a baby at her age is quite a turn, so she is also overwhelmed. What she did was wrong and never acceptable and leah should remain in gary's care until she has healed, but let's not judge her by 1 hour episodes. As for their family I hope everything is solved for leah's sake.


Its about time they take Leah away. How many times did Amber tell Gary to "Watch your mouth!"? or "Stop Yelling" or "You're so stupid Gary" on and on, yet its always Amber who flares up, and first to cuss, and the first and ONLY one to hit! She needs intensive therapy. Gary needs to stay away from her, she is TOXIC to both Gary and Leah. She has NO CLUE what the 'lowest of the low' is. She doesn't know the Loss of a Child, she is absolutely CLUELESS. Gary will definitely need some coaching, and therapy too, but he can do it without Amber's drama.


This is one of those cases where a women should never EVER get her child back. At least until she can prove that she can be a good mother, as well as a good person overall.


Amer is such a bad mother!!! yes A BAD MOTHER!!! whenever shes on camara she doesnt care for her daugher she always screams at her and doesnt pay attention at her!! i bet leah being away is like a relief for her!!!! shes such a liar and always pretends to be the victim!!! all she wants its attention!!! i mean why the hell would she beat up gary? is she crazy or what? one of these days gary is going to slap her back and shes not going to like it!!! this lady needs a wake up call!! AMBER SWEETIE GROW UP!!! you have a daugher i know you dont care for her but ypou could at least try!!!! im glad leah is with gary now!! they should take amber off teen mom shes such an embarrasement for the show


Finally! Leah is better off with Gary. He seems to do everything for her anyway. Amber is lazy and only cares about herself. She needs to grow up and stop playing the victim, because she is far from that.


i'm glad they took leah from her .gary is a good father ,leah belongs with her father not some crazy bitch ...and as fo gary plz dont take her back .


lowest of low?? umm shes not done playin the victim yet? she seems lyk an awful person with threats n punches to gary n leavin leah to cry in the crib while her lazy ass slept all day i seriously doubt she really regrets anythin but hopefully all thts happening really makes her change cause if tht poor child is askin for her mom (which i doubt) she deserve 1 tht is loving n nurturing not off in her own miserable selfpitying lil world


finally amber should be ashamed of herself!!! poor leah gary needs 2 forget about amber he dont deserve to be treated like that!!!!!! amber needs a lot of help i hope she gets it


This abuse went on for several weeks why in the world did it take them so long to get involved and I know Gary just wanted to keep his family together but why would he put his daughter through that? Amber is dumb I mean did she really think she could beat on Gary and emotioanlly abuse her daughter and get away with it- I am sorry but when you become a mom you have to grow up-You need to get your shit under control and do the right thing and give her up to someone else thats the least you can do for a child if you know your at risk of hurting her emotionally physically or mentally!