Amber Portwood: Charged With Felony Battery!

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Looks like Amber Portwood's attacks on Gary Shirley will have consequences.

The Teen Mom star has been charged with two felony counts and one misdemeanor for domestic violence and battery today. Under Indiana law, domestic abuse is a felony if a child is present for the abuse, as baby Leah was in both cases.

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One of the charges is based on footage never aired by MTV. The other:

SLAPPED: Gary Shirley knows how that feels. Now Amber Portwood's been hit as well - with criminal charges stemming from the couple's recent squabbles.

The incidents related to the charges happened June 14, July 18 and August 14 of this year. Documents say Amber choked, slapped, punched and kicked Gary.

Detective Mitch Carroll says that if convicted, Amber Portwood faces up to three years in jail and fines of up to $10,000. Still, the troubled star is defiant.

“I didn’t hit Gary in front of Leah so there's no felony,” she told Hollywood Life. “There’s nothing against me. They can’t charge if they don’t have proof.”

We'll see about that, since she lost baby Leah as a result ...

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I can not say I am not unhappy about this, i'm extremely HAPPY she lost custody and paying for her actions. In no way should she have brought abuse into the relationship, given Gary did have his ways when we first met the couple in 16 and Pregnant, but he made up for them and redeemed himself. He tried to give amber the best possible advice, and she always made things way more dramatic then they had to be! Only if someone else said the SAME thing as Gary did, did she listen and was nice to him. Don't get me wrong, no one is perfect, and Gary may still have his issues, but seriously, amber going for that dude, and the beating on gary AGAIN, that made me lose respect for her completely. I think she's on something to be honest, it's just no one has tested her ass yet.
My best regards to that little girl, I hope her parents work their differences out, and their own demons, so they can give this little one the best possible life!!


Was this the episode where she was hitting him for disrespecting her father? This is a Reality show. They are filming small town people that grew up thinking verbal abuse, violence, and eating pickled pigs feet is nornmal. These people have invited us into their world/culture. Why would we crucity them for that? Yes, somebody needs to tell Amber that violence is not okay in the real world, especially in front of cameras, but we shouildn't crucify her for behaviors she was taught were normal.


Yes Gary was a bad dad at beginning of the show but he showed remarkable progress the past season. I used to take Amber's side until she started changing. Pills? Amber should not have custody... Did anybody see the boyfriend she had? the one who was in jail. the one who was already living with her and with her baby. The first date he said it was best day of his life??? They hardly knew each other. I thought it was poor judgement on her part. Redemption is for everybody hopefully things will get better for all.


If you raise your hand like a man than be prepared for him to "knock the shit out of you." She only hit him because he is a good guy, he would never raise his hand to her. You don't deserve him or that baby, all you deserve Amber is the crack head boyfriend you found at Walmart!!!


Im so glad to hear she lost custody of that child. People like that should NOT have children. I hope she goes to jail. That poor child.


This made my day. I am tired of stupid bitches thinking they are tough and hitting guys and getting away with it. My ex knocked the shit out of me twice and was attacking me when I threw her stupid bitch ass across the driveway. Guess who went to jail. So fuck you to any women that think that men don't have the same right to not being physically or verbally abused. Gary should have choked that bitched till her eyes popped out. I would have sent him bail money or for legal fees if he did.


His fat ass needed to be slapped he never did shit and he obviously liked it because she smacked his chunky ass around a couple of time hahahahahahahaha I hope she does not go to jail for hitting a fat,lazy,broke loser oh yeah I forgot mamas boy lmfao!!!


I watched the show, I am actually shocked that someone followed through and did something about it. I hope it will show other people that it is not ok to act that way, camera or no camera. To the other post, what good would it do to have someone beat her ass as you say? It would promote more violence. I think the baby needs to be taken away from both of them and given to a healthy family, Amber has no remorse and Gary can't even think for himself, the baby is in for a long life of abuse games and random boyfriends of Ambers and gfs of Gary. I hope Amber goes to jail for a while and gets to sit in a cell and think long and hard.


He deserves to be slapped??? The dude seems like a cool lovable guy..She is just a trashy bitch who needs to get her ass whooped by another chick to show her how bad she really isn't!!! Hell if I was Gary I'd drop her with a shot to the jaw!!! He just has more respect for women than I do, so he takes the beatings!!! So just because he has eating issues makes him incapable of being loved?? Men need to start sticking up for themselves!!!


ewwwww he deserved it ! hahahahaahahhaahahaaahahah :D