Alex Welch: Considering Legal Action Against Demi Lovato

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Following Demi Lovato's admission that she's seeking treatment for numerous personal issues, details began to leak out over the incident that prompted this singer to take such a courageous step.

Almost all reports confirm that there was a confrontation at an airport in Peru between Lovato and a backup dancer on tour with her and The Jonas Brothers, with some sources claiming Demi blamed this girl for ratting her and others out for partying the night before.

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Now, TMZ has identified the victim of Demi's anger as Alex Welch, a member of Beat Freaks, which actually earned the runner-up title on season 3 of America's Best Dance Crew. She also appeared in Justin Bieber's "Somebody to Love" video.

Witnesses say Welch had a black eye from a punch thrown by Demi, and that Lovato felt "awful" after it all went down. She apologized, left the tour and, of course, is now entering rehab.

But TMZ also quotes an insider who says this might not be enough for Welch. She's reportedly having discussions with lawyers and is considering legal action. Let's hope she doesn't go through with it, as Lovato made a major mistake and appears to be taking the steps necessary to rectify it.

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The difference between Demi and Chris brown is that Chris brow repeatedly beat his girlfriend to the point of unrecognized horror. This girl only suffered a black eye and for the most part is Able to continue the tour. Not to mention that we don't know how this incident went down. Christ brown on the other hand Well... It's all black and white there. In demi's case...there is no definitive truth and so far even the wronged person just wants to move on. Obviously it is not as heated as the Chris brown incident if she's smiling with her friends the next day.


i wish demi is in good condition...go demi..we love you and i understand you


LOL @ A PINYAN. "Opinion?"


omg people need to get over her bein in rehab i hope she stays in there she such a bitch in my a pinyen but shes ok


@Fed Up You're right about violence being wrong no matter who does it, but still, a girl punching a girl is a complete different thing from a man punching a girl. this has nothing to do with racism, chris brown a MAN, that's why what he did (and what he did was not just one punch) will always be a million times more scandalous than demi's little freak out. you can't even compare these two situations.


Y'all are hilarious. Violence is not okay whatsoever. So Chris Brown is trying, and doing a damn good job I might add restoring his image yet y'all continue to put him down...yet sweet little Demi practices violence and it's just mistake? Can you say double standard? Racist hypocrites. Wrong is wrong, all day long. Deal with the consequences@


Alex Welch is overreacting. ITS JUST A BLACK EYE. Who freaking cares? And after you got that black eye, you go party? AND SHE SUES DEMI? Thats just stupid. Demi's going though a lot of stuff. Then, a red haired ass is going to make it worse.


I'm so sorry for what Joe and disney did to Demi, she hasn't had it easy! I don't know if I fully believe this but Demi is a great singer and I feel bad for her!


Way to go Demi! You just earned a new fan in me! PS - Why did you quit the tour though? She's a friggin backup dancer just fire her ass.


There's a pictures where you can see where Demi hit her haha it was a good one! I'm really glad Demi's getting help and idk what really happened so I'm not gonna take sides. I've always been a Demi fan but she shouldn't have hit her.

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