Alex Welch: Considering Legal Action Against Demi Lovato

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Following Demi Lovato's admission that she's seeking treatment for numerous personal issues, details began to leak out over the incident that prompted this singer to take such a courageous step.

Almost all reports confirm that there was a confrontation at an airport in Peru between Lovato and a backup dancer on tour with her and The Jonas Brothers, with some sources claiming Demi blamed this girl for ratting her and others out for partying the night before.

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Now, TMZ has identified the victim of Demi's anger as Alex Welch, a member of Beat Freaks, which actually earned the runner-up title on season 3 of America's Best Dance Crew. She also appeared in Justin Bieber's "Somebody to Love" video.

Witnesses say Welch had a black eye from a punch thrown by Demi, and that Lovato felt "awful" after it all went down. She apologized, left the tour and, of course, is now entering rehab.

But TMZ also quotes an insider who says this might not be enough for Welch. She's reportedly having discussions with lawyers and is considering legal action. Let's hope she doesn't go through with it, as Lovato made a major mistake and appears to be taking the steps necessary to rectify it.

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all this girl wants is her fifteen minutes of fame, and she thinks she can get it while demi is at her weakest.
she probably saw this as a great opprotunity to become famous, and to win some money from a case that only a fame chaser would make.


@blaize, the teen celebrity role influence is centred around female role models and this is because girls tend to copy the style of famous teens than boys... boys are usually self influential they dont follow the example of celebrities whilst girls do follow female celebrities... It is a study that is carried out by asking a number of children who their role model is and how the role model influences them, Miley is a bigger celebrity to teenagers than CB therefore, her influence is larger even if CB commits a bigger crime... just so you know
And are you saying that CB should not be forgiven by any woman?? Wow... If Miley did something wrong you would be quick to forgive (lm pretty sure) and why are we even making this about Miley?? This is about Demi!!


This is really funny.... Alex has not come out with any statement at all. Everything published about her on this is pure speculation and gossip. We have yet to hear her side of the story. We have yet to hear a word from the others who are on tour, who witnessed the assualt, have to say about it. But most people here are jumping on the trash, hate, insult Alex band wagon... the make excuses for Demi band wagon. We have no idea if Alex intends to file a suit or not. But hey, don't let the truth stand in the way of you all making stuff up and trashing someone you nothing about.


"This chick only wants to sue because she knows Demi's got big money." Well she's not gonna get it. I can tell you that right now that she won't get awarded jack squat since like Doku said, her trauma wasn't so sever nor was her condition. Also this was a minor scuffle. That's all. YOu're gonna sue someone over a black eye? that would be like a boyfriend suing his girlfriend because she slapped him for insulting her's not gonna hold up.


Attention whore. That's pretty much it. As the article says, Demi apologized after she realized she did wrong. This chick only wants to sue because she knows Demi's got big money. Who sues over a black eye? And after getting an apology! Right, because adding "getting sued over a black eye" to her list of issues is gonna make her get better faster. Demi's going through eneough.


like previously said by the other comments, this girl just wants attention she needs to suck it up and shut up its not like demi wielded a knife at her or put her in the hospital. she's crying over something that can be covered with makeup and that WILL heal leaving no scars. in my eyes she is going to far and the lawyers are going to convince her to go through with it because they want money too.


@ Doku
I feel you!


All I'm gonna say about the Chris Brown thing is that no self-respecting woman in her right mind will date him after what happened. If he did it once, (actually more than once)he might do it again. Did you guys know that in 2009 Miley Cyrus was actually chosen as the worst celebrity influence instead of Chris Brown? What Miley did that year was dance suggestively at the Teen Choice Awards and occasionally dress provocatively. But what Chris did was much worse that year. It sends a TERRIBLE message to and about society when a man beating the woman he claims to love is viewed as more acceptable than a teenage girl expressing and exploring her sexualitity.


proove it were is the picture of her black eye then


I totally agree about the second chance w/ Chris Brown but disagree on the grown man statement. He was only 19 at the time, yeah that's legal, but you're still young and dumb. Everybody makes mistakes! He's even said that he's not fully grown into a man yet. And he didn't wail her nearly to death, she was drinking and the pic was tampered with. She used to hit him too, I seen it when they came to my school in VA. Violence is not right on any part, but domestic violence is still dv when the woman inflicts it...he just chooses not to address it because he wants to move forward...her on the other hand, is still playin the victim card....damn near 2 yrs after the incident. PUHLEEZE

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