50 Cent is So Much Richer Than You

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In things-you-do-just-because-you-can-and-it's-a-slow-day news, 50 Cent pulled out PILES of $100 bills yesterday and posed with them in various photos.

Fiddy decided to show off on Twitter, posting the pics below with captions like "Holy sh*t bat man I think I'm rich" ... and "Who said I don't have a heart."

Or a sense of humor. While the wisdom of Tweeting said pics is debatable, this definitely looks like more fun to play with than Chelsea Handler ...

What's your reaction to these 50 Cent photos?


Danielle I don't know if you know he has a charity organization, he also setup a bone marrow donation to help a 11 year old girl who is in need of a bone marrow transplant. Sadly none of the 4000 donors had her type need and she recently passed away. He also started a coat donation to help the homeless who will be in needs of coats this winter.


there are sooo many people that are living on the streets, starving, begging for work. 50 cent you might be richer than all of us but you are far from being better. By flaunting your cash you make yourself look horrible, especially when i've seen parents selling their stuff just to feed their kids!!!


Wow. This dude looks and acts bored as hell. I guess thats what money does to you


Ten years from now he will be bankrupt and living in the street. Just ask MC Hammer.

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