Willow Smith Unveils "Whip My Hair" Video: Thoughts?

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Willow Smith is only nine years old, but we'll let Jay-Z tell you how bright of a future Will and Jada's daughter has:

She could be the next Michael Jackson, the music mogul says.

We won't go that far, but we're fans of Willow's first single, "Whip My Hair." The (very) young artist has released that song's official music video. Peep it below and sound off with your take on it.

What do you think of this single?


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GO GIRL....you have a great future ahead!!


The last time i saw so many people get splattered in the chest was in a porn video and what's up with all the graffiti?


This is amazing - for things that kids do these days are keeping our community alive!
this girl is stunning and has her own style..
@Lydia.. shame on you.. you need to stop hating on kids - like she says in her song "cause we aint doing nothing wrong so dont tell me nothing, im just trying to have FUN so keep the party jumpin'"
cmon shes a nine year old girl.
go get'em.


She has her Dad's long neck and his big ears.She could star in a remake of Dumbo.


wooooow bye bye rihanna, lol
i loved this song and video
i think this is so much best than see al the creapy videos of gaga


I hope this does not turn into another Liza Minelli story where a woman spends her whole life screaming,"look at me,i'm trying to be a star like my mom."


This video looks like a parent's pet project.


She looks like Whitney Houston on her worst day.They need to feed that girl and her little brother too.They look deprived of nutrients.


i don't really care for the song itself, but she is adorable and she sounds good. i wish her the best of luck!


@Lydia, you must be pretty twisted to hate on a little girl like that... she is nine years old why would you hate her like that? Is it her parents? Are you jealous of them? Or do you just have beef with young singers? Attacking her looks --- wow--- attacking a 9 year olds looks???? She is a young girl with her own taste in clothes and style, why do you want her to adhere to what you call cool or appropriate?? Think of that.