Should Kody Brown, Sister Wives Be Charged?

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Will the cast of Sister Wives, a TLC show documenting four women married to the same dude, Kody Brown, face criminal charges for their bigamous lifestyle?

That all depends.

A review of Utah bigamy cases indicates that few, if any people have ever been prosecuted for that alone. It is against the law, but the state won't touch it.

If there's a collateral crime like child endangerment involved, however, then action might be taken. So as long as Brown & Co. are clean, they'll likely skate.

The bottom line is that there are so polygamous families in Utah, officials just don't have resources to go after them unless a more serious crime is in play.

Most are law-abiding people otherwise, so it's a real gray area unless there is a child bride, false imprisonment or anything violent behavior coming to light.

In the kase of Kody Brown and his Sister Wives, they are currently the subjects of a state bigamy investigation simply because of their TLC reality show.

They could face up to 5 years in prison if convicted, with their fate now in the hands of the Utah County Attorney's office. But don't bet on it going down.

A D.A. source quoted by TMZ says that "In my experience, there has never been a traditional polygamist family charged with the sole crime of bigamy." 

Not that they're completely out of the woods. Brown, his four partners and 13 kids have created a house divided in his fundamentalist Mormon church.

Before Brown decided to do Sister Wives, he went to his Utah church for its blessing, but the lead official there specifically did not give the thumbs up.

The law squarely outlaws bigamy and the church didn't want the heat. The leader told Kody he should the decision himself ... and Kody chose to do it.

His church members are fine with polygamy, but it's Brown's flaunting their lifestyle on TV that's the problem for many of his church's congregation.

What do you think? Should they be charged?


In response to Dan.....why are you so rude? This is a religious issue for Kody and his fmily. And for you to critize sister wife number 2 for her size is so shallow. They didn't ask you to watch the program so don't but stop judging them. FYI...they are not in-breeding. Are you aware that there are so many other families in Utah that live this life and can't share the truth because people like you are so close minded. If you want to talk about in-breeding, contact the Amish community.


I dont think that there is anything wrong with this. The way I look at it the kids always have someone there they can count on. I know theres times I would want time to myself and they get that. I say leave them alone. Its their lives


Oops, I made a typo: their. I really don't like forums that don't have post preview capability.


tuttles, I believe you mean punctuation before the conjunction: column-comma-space-but. You also didn't pick up on brie's what/who or half way/halfway errors, although perhaps I'm being too picky with such minor infractions. I do believe, however, that the the old stones in glass houses adage applies here. As far as "Sister Wives" goes, even though I find the polygamist lifestyle personally abhorrent because it subjugates women by reducing teir lives to the sole role of producing offspring, I don't see anything illegal going on here. Kody Brown has only one legal wife, with whom he has one child. The other three women are live-in girlfriends/baby mamas, and if it's OK with them--as the legal, consenting adults that they are--who am I to judge or try to impose my own moral convictions on them?


Brie, You actually read these blurbs for the grammar??? That's scary. By the way, in your very sanctimonious (look it up) post you egregiously (look it up) failed to provide proper punctuation after the conjunction! :p


The number 2 lady is huge, maybe these women are in the type of relationship because they can't get a man. Diet would help. I think it is sick , the children should be removed from this house. Talk about in-breeding. Sure is enough people and kids to do it. The State needs to step in for the children if the adults want to life like pigs let them, these women have no pride or shame .


I feel like they should all get charged. That show is absolutely the most rediculous show I've ever seen PREVIEWS for. I saw the previews, and just knowing that it was about a dude married to 4 other women, are you CRAZY! That's rediculous. First of all, these women, are stupid to stay with a man that wants to be married to all of them, hello! Open your fuckin and get real. Second of all, why in gods name would anyone think that it's okay for 5 people to be married to eachother (in that sense or another), and why would you want your partner sleeping with other women and saying that it's okay? There's no way that doesn't bother them. That's absurb and I think it's quite a shame that in this day and age, tv and come to airing such shoddy and crappy television shows with a horrible message and horrible backstory.. stupid ideas people, stupid.


i feel that this whole situation is between the members involved.. i do understand that they are gonna have their own tv show and i think they are doing this to get people to see that they are like any other family just a little different. this type of marriage is part of their religion and they should not be prosecuted for what they believe in. people need to just leave this family alone and let them lives their lives. obviously none of the parties involved have a problem if they did none of them would be married to this man...and i highly doubt that the children are being abused...these kids are lucky they will soon have four mothers.. more love to get. sure they are not a traditional family but so what...why does a family have to be traditional? why not mix it and keep it interesting..


Who writes for this website? I know it's a gossip column but can't you hire columnists that have passed High School English? The grammar in this article was so poor I stopped reading half way through.

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