Should Kody Brown, Sister Wives Be Charged?

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Will the cast of Sister Wives, a TLC show documenting four women married to the same dude, Kody Brown, face criminal charges for their bigamous lifestyle?

That all depends.

A review of Utah bigamy cases indicates that few, if any people have ever been prosecuted for that alone. It is against the law, but the state won't touch it.

If there's a collateral crime like child endangerment involved, however, then action might be taken. So as long as Brown & Co. are clean, they'll likely skate.

The bottom line is that there are so polygamous families in Utah, officials just don't have resources to go after them unless a more serious crime is in play.

Most are law-abiding people otherwise, so it's a real gray area unless there is a child bride, false imprisonment or anything violent behavior coming to light.

In the kase of Kody Brown and his Sister Wives, they are currently the subjects of a state bigamy investigation simply because of their TLC reality show.

They could face up to 5 years in prison if convicted, with their fate now in the hands of the Utah County Attorney's office. But don't bet on it going down.

A D.A. source quoted by TMZ says that "In my experience, there has never been a traditional polygamist family charged with the sole crime of bigamy." 

Not that they're completely out of the woods. Brown, his four partners and 13 kids have created a house divided in his fundamentalist Mormon church.

Before Brown decided to do Sister Wives, he went to his Utah church for its blessing, but the lead official there specifically did not give the thumbs up.

The law squarely outlaws bigamy and the church didn't want the heat. The leader told Kody he should the decision himself ... and Kody chose to do it.

His church members are fine with polygamy, but it's Brown's flaunting their lifestyle on TV that's the problem for many of his church's congregation.

What do you think? Should they be charged?


At first, I was totally supportive of Brown to do whatever. After careful review, I see that his action, along with the actions of his elicit "wives" is, for all of them, self-serving. They are, as the adults in the situation, too blind to see the detrimental effects their behavior has on all of these blessed chilcren they have brought forth. Robin's husband should certainly be concerned about his children in this situation. If what they are doing is right, why flee to Nevada? They are dragging their chilcren through their own dirt and should pay a price for that. Most Americans today can barely afford to support one household yet Kody Brown if able to support four households with only his and his second wife's income. Suspicious


Apparently the nasty comments are being left by people that have never picked up a bible or watched the show. Moses had 8 wives and the kids are well cared for and happy and they are not on welfare. I swear I have read some ignorant comments before but this subject takes the cake. We allow men to marry men, woman to marry woman, blacks and whites ect to marry but one man to have mutable wives should be illegal? I just don't get some people, he is doing the moral thing and everyone is all up in arms. I would rather see people that have multiple kids while collecting state get arrested. And to spell it out for some of you, a woman has a child, starts collecting welfare and decides gee this is easier than working lets have another and another. At least Kody supports his kids 100% and does not collect welfare. Think about it.


I don't have to agree with their lifestyle, but I do agree with their choice to have this lifestyle. There is no law broken, as only one woman is actually "married" to Kody. The women knew what they were getting into and they seem very content to have such a support system. The children are well-mannered and well-informed and the only unnatural strife in their lives is that which ignorant people have pushed on them from outside the family. I would love to see more responsible men like Kody, more women who had the opportunity to use their talents to fill their niche in their own families and make themselves happy and more children who showed love and were shown love as each of these children are. I wish them all happiness and contentment as they live their lives and share it with us so we can remember that there is such a thing as goodness and kindness within some families, so we can strive to achieve that within our own family and our own choices.


Kody Brown i hope you burn in fucking HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The law is the law. Since there are far more polygamist then anyone thinks, Utah is too lazy to bring charges as most of those law makers have more then one wife themselves and then they will be exposed. Almost all of the wives and children are on welfare and we taxpayers are paying for their families which usually consists as many of 12 wives and each wife has an average of 8 kids some more and so it goes on and on. They use this so called law of their religion to continue and notice it is the men who collect the wives that they cannot support - so we foot the bill. Wake up everyone and speak out.


I think that judging each other is part of what makes all of our lives more difficult. I think that when people LIVE WHAT THEY BELIEVE it is respectable AND responsible. I think the wives make good points about raising all of their normal seeming kids. It is one thing to go off on someone's belief system. BUT to actually live what we believe is something to be proud of. I would be honoured to know any one of these people. I think my kid's lives would be impacted by this famil and also some of the other families we have seen on the TV. I mean the ones who have a message and NOT the families who are pimping out their children for a tv show.


Its all ridiculous! I agree with beetlejuice. They should all be charged because they are fuckin idiots! I usually don't judge people but I have an issue with what they are doing to their kids. Its one thing to practice different beliefs but what they are doing to their children isn't fair. They are teaching them that it's ok for a man to have multiple relationships. And for Utah to just ignore polygamy. What a stupid state! The children's mental welfare is at stake here and they just brush it off. Its ok to allow people to practice what they want, but when children are involved who aren't old enough to make their own decisions, this is when the state should protect them.


This is the lifestyle these people chose, who are we to judge. I am not comfortable with what they are doing, but most of them were raised in this lifestyle. They actually seem like very happy people, and I think their children are all happy and well raised as well. Technically Kody is only married to Meri his first wife, the other three are only binded by a commitment ceremony, it is not against the law to live with a so many people, it is their decision and if you don't like it then don't watch it.


If men can marry multiple women then it reverse equal rights says wome, in fact those women should be aloud to have more then one husband as well and then where do we draw the line?


No one needs to be charged! This is how they believe and they are taking care of their children very well. It's not for me but I don't judge them for their beliefs. More men need to be as responsible as Kody.

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