Will Kate Gosselin Return to TLC?

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Rumors are swirling on the Internets about the future of Kate Gosselin's two reality shows, Kate Plus Eight and Twist Of Kate, and whether either will be back on TLC.

With work permits for the Gosselin kids expiring before the end of the year, and new Pennsylvania child labor laws potentially in the making, things are up in the air.

So is the end of Kate's career on the horizon?

Reality Queen

OFF THE AIR: But for how long?

Don't bet on it. Sources say TLC is still extremely happy with Kate Plus Eight and also has very high hopes for Gosselin's annoyingly-titled spinoff, Twist of Kate.

Between Bryan Masche and the Sister Wives cast, the network is solidifying itself as a network where you can learn way too much about unusual families' lives.

Why jeopardize that reputation by letting go of its flagship whack job? Exactly. So relax and expect a heavy dose of Kate and her hot bikini body before long.

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I am still a fan of Kates and Love seeing all her children, what I want to know is how Eric Roberts is so sure she abuses her kids? How does he seem to know more then the rest of us? I certainly hope he is wrong. Until I have solid proof I will continue to support Kate and her show. I hope Jon is getting his life back on track.


I'm soooooo sick of this woman,she only wants fame for her self,she has no love for anyone but herself,i see why John left her,hes not as bad as everyone thinks,he just hasnt had the opportunistic to work like she has because she pushes everyone till she gets what she wants.I can't stand her,and feel so sorry for the kids.They deserve a better life.If anyone can't see this you are blind.


I used to watch Jon and Kate plus eight but I do not watch Kate plus eight. I tried and it was just so boring. Nothing but back to back vacations. It is not interesting watching Kate and kids tour different attractions. I think the Gosselin saga has run its course.


SORRY!!! I would never again watch anything with Kate Gosselin on it!!! She is the most egotistical, conceited person I have ever seen. I'd really like to know just when she became a star! In my book she really has no talent for anything and is definitely not a celebrity nor a star!!!


Jealous of Kate? Why? She's not being a good Mom at all. Also, all her kids are in school now. Hopefully, they're making their own friends and not just friends of the network. They deserve a normal life. Kate has no friends nor family left. She did that all by herself. She should sell the tremendous house, cook, clean and just be a Mom to her children. This is the time the children will remember. They need love from her. I feel so sorry for her. She doesn't know what she's losing. I haven't watched her program since the kids were babies, and I will never watch again. Perhaps TLC can help other people that need money instead.


Everytime Jon's bankroll came short he started complaining about how the kids being on tv was hurting them. BULL! The truth is that Jon has ran out of money and options. He wants TLC to take him back and give him some more money. Jon meant everything he did to Kate. If he could have gotten away with stealing every penny in the bank the kids wouldn't have a place to stay or food to eat. While others may feel sorry for Jon I don't. If it hadn't been for Jodi Krieder and Kevin Jon would still be at home right now. He took bad advice and has been doing bad every since. Time to move on. Marry Ugly Ellen. Pay his child support Be a better MAN!


I agree with Elaine, please get her off the air!! I feel real sorry for someone that has 8 kids and several nannies to help. No wonder she has time to jog and keep up her appearnance. I thinks it's funny that Hugh Heffner did not want her for playboy, trust me, she would do whatever it takes to stay in the limelight.


She is an obsessive, controlling, poor example of motherhood who always needed her own way in every situation, including being dismissive and destructive to the well being and emotional development of her husband Jon. The new show is all about Kate who does all the narrating while the children's exploration of their experiences and interactions with each other are carefully scripted to show the best of them and the best of her. Kate needs to be seen as flawless and the networks are contributing to enhancing this image. She doesn't represent any real American Family. I am 75 and have been around a long time having experienced marriage and child raising for decades. This broad thinks she has discovered America along with Columbus. Come on TLC show some grandparents raising their grandkids in less than ideal circumstances but with all the wisdom they have accumulated over the years. Kate has none.


Lillian - "KATE IS A WINNER, SHE IS AN INSPIRATION TO ALL WOMEN." Inspiration, how??? There is no way I would want to be like her. I doubt that few women would. God bless. RB


She's begun to act and dress like a hooker. I'm disgusted with her ego-centricities, but the kids are great. However if Kate doesn't watch her step, even Jon as low as he is, will be able to take the kids from her. God bless. RB

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