Will Amber Portwood Lose Her Baby?

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is going through a lot right now.

She's been involved in numerous violent altercations with fiance Gary Shirley, and there have even been reports that she's suicidal and/or losing her baby.

Leah Messer, Corey Simms, Baby

Not the case, she says. ”It’s not true!” she tells Hollywood Life regarding the rumors that she's losing Leah. “Where in the world would that come from?”

Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood enjoy a tender moment between fights.

Amber says Leah is staying with Gary, yes, but because she's in the process of moving. It's not safe while she searches for a baby-friendly home.

“I’m in the process of moving, so my stuff is all packed up,” she explains. “Gary does have Leah right now because it’s not safe in my house now.”

Especially since she kicks Gary Shirley's ass so regularly.

Despite the drama, Amber Portwood sounds like she’s ready to leave it behind. Literally. “I can’t wait to move out of Anderson!” she says of her Indiana hometown. As long as there are psychiatrists where she ends up, we support the move.

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Oh my fricken god i have read some of these comments and some people should be ashamed of them selfs for writing ( go and kill your self you white trash) well take a rain cheak pal and think about you own life for one second and dont be so fuckin judgemental u rasist peice of shit! No body is deniying that amber needs help what she does need is support love and guidance and for gary well he just as big of part in ambers temper hes not a little angel one he thinks about his actions then he comes around.... Acts the innocent one its just a game to him... I feel sorry for all three people in this disfunctional family if i cud bump ambers and garys heads together to show them what they have got right in fron of them i would.. I would love to meet amber and show her the love that she hasnt had in a ling time... Keep you chin up both of u and remember people can say what they want about u koz they see you on a screen they dont know u x


Hey Amber- invest in some medication! At the very least! You are Bi polar/schizophrenic and need help, please before you completely destroy Leah's life!!!!!


ok guys seriously Gary has done nothing but be an ass hole to her.. so in my opinion Gary diserves every thing he get from her. it sounds like to me that Amber is only trying to do whats best for her ans Lea


I think everyone is being a ass u dont know what the hell they go thru Yes she may need some help,but she is going thru some mad shit. So b4 u start to throw some damn stones look at ur own damn lives. Keep ur head up.


Ha-Ha who ever is writing these Amber Portwood articles is so funny its true the house is not safe for Leah or Gary with her whipping his a$$ all the time. Maybe that is why she stays with Gary any other guy would have beat her back.


what where you thinking doing all of the fighting on T.V. you know u had this comming.... you did this all to your self ..... i feal so sory for Gary and Leah....i hope you can get the help you need to get your anger under control ....have a good one.... :(


dear amber you are a lazy hypocritical bitch. laying around all day while your daughter cries and then getting on gary's ass for being lazy.... ps you"ll never get your highschool diploma because your a fucking retard. Go kill yourself you fucking white trash.


Amber, i just dont think you get it. Abuse is wrong, how you act in front of your daughter is also abuse. She loves her daddy, and has to see you acting crazy on him? You are selfish. are you an idiot or what? Do you have some mental disability? cause it just doesnt register with you? Not for real anyway. maybe you should just walk away from leah if you are no good for her. you should have given her up for adoption, instead your just raising another psyco like you.have a nice day


Dear Amber,
I hate to tell you this, but you will not be allowed to move out of Madison County while being investigated by CPS. I mean, where are you going to go, Elwood? Yeah, there's an improvement.


i've watched the show and this bitch is crazy..she needs to get help.