Why Does Oksana Grigorieva Need $20K a Month?

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Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva are at odds over everything. Child support for their daughter Lucia is no exception. She just got a huge pay raise, too.

The amount of $20,000 a month (she sought double that) is four times the amount Mel was paying. But why does an 11-month-old possibly need that?

Think about it, it's like a $240,000 salary. Team Oksana says it's more than fair, however, and has a list of reasons why she deserves every cent of it ...

Oksana G. Photograph

The justification for Oksana's checks, which a judge apparently buys into ...

  • Being Mel Gibson's daughter, Lucia needs 'round-the-clock security
  • Woman's in debt over $100,000 and needs to get outta the hole
  • Oksana Grigorieva says Mel promised to take care of them both
  • They got "accustomed to the lifestyle" Mel Gibson provided them
  • A baby costs a lot, with medical costs, food, clothing, gas, etc.

Mmm hmm. Somehow people everywhere make do with a lot less for clothes and food. Just saying. Anyway, for the 100th time, we ask ...


no matter the amount of money oksana gets, she is still just a cheap whore


P.S. It seems like after the success of The Passion of the Christ, everything went south for Mel.
Children have a gateway to our hearts,but I will never understand the expenses of a baby at the amount of $20,000.a month. That amount can only be reached by the child's mother, and the mother's attorneys.


Mel reached international stardom in the role of Mad Max. He continued with success in the Lethal Weapon movies and sequels. He won Oscars for "The Patroit". He received acclaim for his masterpiece "The Pasion of the Christ". It is **almost unbelievable that he would end up fighting in the headlines with a woman that he evidently does not love.


Criminal Minds a TV show on Wednesday night which I enjoy very much,lost one of the orginial cast member this past week..Name:J.J.Cook..Is she really going off the show or will they bring her back?

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