What Oksana Grigorieva Really Wants: $$$$$

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Cash. That's what it boils down to for Oksana Grigorieva in her ongoing crusade against Mel Gibson, which is ostensibly about custody of their daughter, Lucia.

The real fight between Oksana and Mel most likely stems from a legal document created before Lucia was even born one year ago, according to a TMZ report.

Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson Picture

The Icon Trust, created by Mel and wife Robyn Gibson to provide for their seven children, defines the children as ones born from Mel Gibson or Robyn Gibson.

GETTING HERS: Oksana's apparently determined to.

When the trust was drafted, no one thought Mel or Robyn, married for nearly three decades, would have a child outside the marriage. Enter Oksana Grigorieva.

Sources connected with Mel and Robyn say everyone wants Lucia to be taken care of, but adding her as a beneficiary in Mel's trust creates complex tax issues.

For whatever reason, Mel didn't want that to happen. So when he and Oksana broke up and struck a settlement deal in May, this was one of the key points.

In addition to her handing over the Mel Gibson rants, the very first term of the deal says "Oksana consents to amendment of Icon Trust to exclude Lucia."

In return for excluding Lucia, Mel agreed to provide a financial package for the baby worth more between $8 million and $15 million, according to reports.

As we know, Oksana agreed to this deal but balked at the last minute, and has gone after Mel for all he's worth every since. Why turn her back on that?

TMZ says lawyers advising Oksana say Lucia got royally screwed by giving up an interest in the trust, which they said would be worth up to $50 million.

In other words, one-eighth of a $400 million trust.

Close Mel sources say the money in the trust is not even in the same universe of $400 million, but whatever's in it, Team Oksana felt it needed a piece.

If Oksana's lawyers persist and Mel settles out of court, the attorneys get a percentage of the settlement. So they've convinced Oksana to go for it.

Pretty messed up.


Ugh..does true love even exsist. I think it would be pafnuil for the exwife and kids but if they are divorced he does have that right. I dont think its in good taste though. I always looked at Mel Gibson as one of the good guys..i dont know


Yes, yes, yes ... it is about the money, the money only the money ... and oxskana getting her picture in the press any time she can, any way she can. And the blood suckers who see their chance at getting a piece of the pie ... they all know this could go on for YEARS if he does not buckle and pay up. Well, I hope he just settles in for the long run ... and sues her for defamation of character, lost wages, mental anguish, etc. etc. I hope she ends up paying all court costs. Yea ...




Is Mel paying for these posts too?


My god, this woman was never married to mel hell, they never even lived together at the same address and she thinks she is entitled to all this? I hope mel never settles, that trust was brought in before they ever split up, the contents are none of her buisness. As long as he treats Lucia with the same fairness and respect as his others who cares what she gets or what trust it comes from. That package was quite a good deal, the only down side was that Ok could not touch a penny and was not a named trustee so had no control over the money. If mel handed her that money now it will have all gone by the time lucia turns 18. If she wants lucia to have more money then she should get off her derrier and get a job like everyone else instead of expecting the father to pay up all of time, isn't bringing up a child supposed to be 50/50?


Money grabbing b!tch!!!


This is what he gets for being such a stupid irresponsible man. And she is just as stupid, because what ever amount she gets, most of it will go to pay the lawyers she had to use to get anything. That child is not safe with Mel nor Oksana. Mel will play the I provide card, the child can if necessary make her own
claim against my estate when she is of age. Oksana best hope is to remain physical custody of child until age 18.

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