Tyra Banks Sued By Mother of a Sex Addict

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You can't sue someone for being an awful, self-obsessed human being. Fortunately, a Georgia woman has found another reason to take Tyra Banks to court.

As first reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Beverly McClendon has sued Banks for $3 million because she alleges her 15-year old daughter appeared on Tyra's talk show without parental permission.

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McClendon says her child answered an open website call to appear on an episode that centered around sex addiction, as the program's producers invited the minor on without seeking her mother's approval first.

"This show was undoubtedly watched by sexual deviants, perverts and pedophiles alike," McClendon states in the legal documents, although we have to wonder how McClendon's daughter flew to NYC without her mom having any idea why.

She asserts her teenage daughter's right to privacy was violated. She is seeking an injunction against any future airings of the installment.

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It's just another way for someone trying to get rich. I bet she knew her daughter was talking to Tyra as well as knowing she was going their. If she has a 15 yr old girl who is a sex addict what is going on at home ? It must mean she's getting something from these guys she's not getting at home and it's time to look within your family.


The woman needs an excuse as to y she is a bad mother.she should be trying to help her daughter but no,she is busy suing people.


The woman needs an excuse as to y she is a bad mother.she should be trying to help her daughter but no,she is busy suing people.


What u doing is right girl, that sex adict knew that what she is doing was wrong tht is why she agree to do the show. Tyra u never a bitch i love u. Mwah mwah mwah


Tyra Banks is a bitch. She had a teenage prostitute on her show and made the girl cry by forcing her to talk about performing sex acts like handjobs, etc. Then Tyra ranted about her anti-porn stance, which is strange after she just got an underage girl to discuss her sex-life on national television. Total hypocrite, total bitch.


Tyra Banks is a very beautiful woman god bless her. I wish she was my girl i would kiss her from her head to her toes. And as for the mother thats sueing her she's just looking for a free ticket out of the poor house.


Probably a stab at $3 million dollars over concern for her daughter. Really a sex addict at 15? In which case she must never see or supervise her daughter in the first place, and she's annoyed that people have found out she's a bad mother and not that her daughter (allegedly) likes it!


Namaste, "Eugh, eugh, eugh, eugh. A 15 year old a sex-addict? Eugh, eugh. That's cool. Eugh, eugh, eugh. eugh." "Yeah, yeah, cool. That's cool. Can I see her n......?" "Shut up Beavis! You can't say that on the worldwibe wide web! Butthole." "Yeah, yeah. I can't say that. But she's cool. She's hot. Uh,uh, uh,uh." "How do you know she's hot? Asswipe. You don't even now how she looks." "I don't care. Any 15 year old girl who is a sex-addict is hot. Yeah, yeah." "Butthole. Eugh, eugh, eugh, eugh." W....w....w....w....wahahahah! Nice going there! Just let the (butt)whole world know that your 15 year old daughter is a sex-addict. Morons. But in these days it all don't matter how much sexual stuff is blown out to the whole world. But at least Beavus and Butthead are having the time of their lives. W....w....w....wahahahah.... Ohm shanti.

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