Tim Gunn Reveals: I Attempted Suicide

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As one of several celebrities that is speaking out on the troubling, dangerous issue of teen bullying, Tim Gunn makes a shocking admission in the following video: he once attempted suicide.

"As a 17-year-old youth who was in quite a bit of despair, I attempted to kill myself and I'm very happy today that that attempt was unsuccessful, but at the time it's all that I could contemplate," says the Project Runway host.

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Gunn continued:

"I woke up the morning after taking over a hundred pills and I was in a whole other level of despair. I thought, 'I shouldn't be here. This isn't what was meant to be.' I frankly just wanted to start life all over again."

Following the tragic outbreak of young suicide this month, Gunn concludes his message with: "There are people who can help you. You cannot do this alone... It gets better, it really does."

Watch the video now:


Good for you Tim Gund... I appreciate your efforts in helping our youth with this delicate situation... and I'm happy to say that you are alive and well today!
Without you on Project Runway... it would not be right!!


As always..I love Tim Gund.