Tim Gunn: Lady Gaga Fashion is ... Not Fashion

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Whether he's opening up about his own suicidal tendencies as a teen or unloading on that b!tch Taylor Momsen, Tim Gunn certainly does not hold back.

Not surprisingly, he has outspoken views on the topic he's best known for. Fashion. A subject he doesn't feel should be discussed regarding one star.

On Lady Gaga, Gunn said, "Who would want to emulate that? It's not even fashion. Those are costumes." No props for Lady Gaga's meat dress at all?

Lady Gaga Meat Bikini

GRILLED: Tim won't treat the Lady tenderly.

Certain celebs do win his approval, however. Tim, like us, is shocked Kate Gosselin is hot now: "I'm mystified. She's gone from being a soccer mom to being a cougar."

As far as his favorite young celebrity fashion icon, it's a no-brainer. Gossip Girl star Blake Lively earns that distinction: "She just understands clothes," Gunn says.

Even if she wears so few of them on TV.


There is nothing awesome about being a midget and wearing a costume in public.


Uhh who the hell is tim gun?? yeah they're "costumes" but how many people do YOU know who can wear a costume out in public and make it look awesome? I come from a fashion background too and while I agree that almost nobody can pull off 99% of the stuff she wears, she can. So let her


"It's not even fashion. Those are costumes." AGREED 100% McQueen has such lovely design and concepts, Lady Gaga bastardizes all of it and jumps around from style to style as if those design philosophies were just her photo op of the week. It's really a shame that the public thinks of Lady Gaga when they think of avant-garde fashion...


who asked him? what about john galliano or alexander mcqueen? you can't wear half the stuff they make on the street, they're costumes too if you think about it...but i'm sure he'd consider it "high fashion". geez...give lady gaga a break, when did he become sucha closed-minded b!+(h?


Has Tim Gunn appointed himself as the new *unofficial Mr. Blackwell?
When it comes to *The Lady, she knows she looks like a complete fool, but that is how she chooses to market herself, and I do not think that she has to ask Mr. Gunn for a damn thing including his opinion of her.

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