THG Caption Contest Winner: October 15

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With Jersey Shore trash, a Caption Contest can rarely go wrong.

Who won Friday's edition? That distinction goes out to otorious, with honorable mentions going out to Rita, beth and Brandy071880. Nice job by all.

The winning entry for this photo of a gruesome South Beach twosome. Thanks to everyone for playing and good luck in the next THG Caption Contest!

Snooki, Situation Photo

"Whaddya mean is it in yet? I finished 5 minutes ago."


Why is everyone making such a big deal about this photo? Everyone knows that snookie and the Sitiuion where fucking! And if you didnt know now u know. You know? Lol had to bring back that old shit!!


I think so of the others were better...


Whaddya mean I didn't win the contest. LOL really that was the best caption? I didn't even get an honorable reach around I mean mention!!!

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