The View Versus Bill O'Reilly, Round 3!

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Last Thursday, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar stormed off the set of The View after Bill O'Reilly said Muslims attacked us on 9/11 and added that he was against the building of a mosque around the site of the World Trade Center.

He then went on his Fox News program and defended his point of view.

Angry Bill O'Reilly

Now, Goldberg, Behar and other panelists on The View have spoken out again on the feud. Focusing on the controversy this morning, Goldberg said she had no regrets about walking away mid-interview because she "was gonna cuss him out."

Behar, meanwhile, said: "We talk about standing up to bigotry, so I stood up."

For once, though, an old woman was actually the voice of reason, as Barbara Walters chastised Goldberg and Behar for letting O'Reilly "pull your chain" and added: "This is a country full of rage, and we should be able to have conversations without rage... without obscenities."

Sounds like a job for Jon Stewart!

For her part, Sherri Shepherd said the fight with O'Reilly "was not staged and not a publicity stunt," although the show is clearly happy to drag it out for the purpose of ratings.

As for Elisabeth Hasselbeck? She looked at the camera and said to President Obama: “Can we please use the word ‘terrorist’ again, Mr. President?”

Well, okay then.


Please teach the rest of these intreent hooligans how to write and research!


I think they should re-name the show as Bitches shout-out, the are always talking over one another.Whoopie needs a case old fashion bar soap, they should re-name her BLEEPIE Goldberg. Joy Behar is just an old cranky bitch, she has nothing good to say about anybody, I don't see how her show has lasted a year.I will never watch the show again.


ohhhh please!!!!!, they did what most people should do when he does open his ignorant mouth!, WALK AWAY!!! iTS SAD HOW SOMEONE CAN GO ON TELEVISION AND TALK SUCH NONSENSE! SHE CONTROLLED HERSELF BY WALKING OFF STAGE, I SUPPOSE CURSING HIM OUT WOULD BE BETTER! although a good curse out is what that old fart needs! AND FYI, bill oreilly never states an opinion, he forces it down your throat!, watch his show sometime and you will see!


Every day the women of "The View" talk over each other, and dish it out to the outside audience about people who are not there to defend themselves on that show.
Enter Bill O'R who already came to the show with a reputation. Putting this vocal **fox in the hen house was a debate waiting to happen,and it did.
Again, I will say it Bill O'Reilly was an invited guest on "The View",he gave "his" opinions,the women did not like what they were hearing,but as professional women who are paid very well to express their views every single day, Joy and Whoopie showed a total disregard for the **name of their show. In the final analysis,they lost their reputations by walking off their own show,while Bill hung around and made them look foolish.


I think since Barbara Walters told Bill O'Reilly that he needed to apologize, that Whoopie and Joy should have also apologized for their unprofessional actions and for Whoppie's language. Whoopie just said on the Rachael Ray Show that everyone has a right to a view and people shouldn't get mad at others for expressing their view so why did she swear at O'Reilly when he was sharing his view. I was offended by how much of her statement had to be bleeped.

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