The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Tardy for the Awful Party

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta returned last night with new cast members and one of the funniest, most ridiculous song performances you'll ever see.

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    Phaedra makes Kim look like she has some sense and that's stretching it.

    LaLa @ 11:45 got it right! Yelling that you have class is a certain indicator that you don't. If Phaedra dropped the Tammy Faye makeup, the pretenses, and the clear insecurities, her game would elevate 1000%. The husband-felon...okay so maybe he is one of the few who just jerked off for six years and is "clean." But that seems like just another delusion...just sayin'. Anyone who stands by while the wife says she's got him on prenup...well we know why he's there: Sperm donor and $$$$. Phaedra, girl, the arm candy ain't worth compromising the self-respect. I wonder what your mother thinks about this mess. Oh, and rhinestones in the eye creases??? Not a good look at all. I've only seen that on a runway and we all know all high fashion ain't everyday fashion for errry one!


    Phaedra is the most vile, fake, classless creature I've seen on a reality show and that's saying something. Apollo is better off in prison than with this wench.


    I didn't watch a lot of HWOA last night but what I did see is that if Kandi hadn't stepped up for Kim, she would have completely bombed. If I was Kim I would give.her double of what she was supposed to for Tardy for The Party I never used to like NE NE but know she is my favorite. Just because she speaks her mind and demands respect and loyalty does not make her a bad person. I would rather have A friend like NE NE than all the other fake housewives on all the other Housewive shows. Kim really is nothing but an aging wannabee pop star, I mean really she can't even sing.




    Phaedra- news flash! idealistically, people who actually HAVE class don't have to constantly SAY they have class!

    The thing about the housewives is that every time I get the urge to want to foster relationships with other women- I tune in and watch Housewives of Atlanta and it reminds me why I do not allow a lot of women into my inner circle. They are so catty and so hateful it is actually very entertaining however, in the grand scheme of things it is evident that none of these people with the exception of probably Kandi and Cynthia are actually genuine.

    I am sorry- Kim has got to be the most entertaining character I have seen in a long time. Not since Boston Legal have I seen such colorful personalities.

    Kandi always a huge fan since high school!

    NeNe reminds me of this really fake friend I had in undergrad...No we are not friends any longer-wonder why????



    YOU.......MY DAAAAAHLING "high class" (right).....are a complete JOKE and you can't even fake having class, let alone act like it. It's hysterical!!
    Watching you is like watching a really bad actress who thinks she can act. HA!!!! I love it!!!
    Thanks for the laugh! You're pathetic and have some REALLY deep issues!!! Can't wait to see your husband come to his senses and leave you soon!! Can't wait!!!!


    Kim is a hot mess, but Kandi talks all this stuff about not being paid by Kim and not being a backup singer and what does she do ? right it is what it is.....Apollo unless you're there for the money this B**** has you best believe you are her half white ,eat dog food and do as I say puppet! hey leave her and join your "gay buddies the ones you first saw after doing six years in prison! NeNe stay the way you are, you may be so what loud but we hear you loud and clear. Cindy girlfriend yes you do have it all but keep refusing these men and girlfriend soon you'll have only guys that wants you for the wrong reasons. Sheree what can I say but you are truly a "hot mess" pretending to be what you are not!

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