The Game Thinks Gay People Having Sex is Weird ... Except For Girl-on-Girl Action, That's Cool

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The Game is a moron. When one faces an intellectual dilemma such as this, one should think twice before going on Twitter to broadcast it.

"Aye! I gotta question," he Tweets. "What kinda man let another man put his d!ck in his booty…. I'm just askin n!gga that sh!it krazy tho."

"Aint no attack on gay people, I'm just askin on the real that sh!t krazy dog. Gay women, kool ! Ellen, kool ! D!ck in the booty, not kool."

GAME OVER: This dude has serious issues.

So basically, gay men having relations is just "krazy," but if a couple of hot girls wanna go at it, The Game's down. He might even watch!

Game's one-sided chat ended with this gem: "its a FREE WORLD, be GAY & be proud if thats ya choice... But in the dook shoot doe ?????"

Oooookay. Where do you even begin with this?

The level of ignorance displayed here has us at a loss for words. Although this Tweet posted a bit later may explain his mental state:

"drunk a whole bottle of cherry NyQuil & took two viccodin's & survived !!! kids DO NOT try this at home…. #certifiedgangsta"

No, kids, do not. Gay-bashing Twitter rants or not, you don't need to be sippin' sizzurp gettin' slizzard. First T.I.'s arrest and now this.


more more it is funny


LOL@ Dick in the Booty!!!


The Game is right,i think gays are morons


Thats funny since i've heard from a number of people that the game likes to get straight guys to give him oral sex just to see if they'll do it. The claims his reason is women are too easy so it's a challenge.


"Oooookay. Where do you even begin with this?" We can begin with the fact that his attitude is very common. Most normal red blooded hetero males look down upon the activities, which he describes. Should he lie to make gays happy?


Sounds like a true guy to me, except with better grammer. Didn't realize his name is The Game. What a retard!!

Faith maguire

Dude..learn to speak the english language! We all know what you mean, but your intelligence it completely absent in your 'tweeting'. Fo sho!

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