Teen Mom's Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley: Under Investigation, in Therapy

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Like her Teen Mom co-stars Maci Bookout and Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood has not had an easy time of it after giving birth at the tender age of 18.

Amber's in a totally different league, however.

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Police are investigating Portwood after she was seen hitting ex-fiance Gary Shirley on last week's episode of the MTV show that glorifies teen pregnancy.

Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood in happier, less violent times.

The Anderson Police Department in Indiana have now launched an investigation into the incident, in which Amber looked to be kicking her man as well.

"We were made aware of the domestic abuse following the episode that aired on MTV," Anderson Public Information Officer Mitch Carroll told reporters.

"Based on that there was a case drafted. The Department of Child Protective Services in Indiana notified us that they are aware of the incident as well."

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley are now seeking counseling.

Her father Shawn confirmed that she is doing everything she can to salvage her relationship with her on-off fiance and the father of her small child.

Shawn revealed that Amber and Gary have been in counseling for months, and he hopes that they get married, despite the aforementioned battle.

"It's my understanding they're doing just fine," Shawn said. "They're now going to couples counseling. It was their idea as a whole, them together."

Hopefully they work it out for the good of everyone involved.


While I agree that SOME of these girls may have it easier financially than others who are teen moms in 'real life' (and to be fair, some tean moms in 'real life' have it easier than these girls - it is all circumstantial), I still stand by my original statement that the show does NOTHING to glorify teenage pregnacy. I think the bottom line is this: No matter what Gary did to 'push her buttons', no matter how lazy, dumb, etc. etc. Gary may be, no matter how much stress Amber is under (welcome to the real world, honey), no matter ANTHING: You.Do.Not.Put.Your.Hands.On.Another.Person.In.Anger.Period.


so to those saying give her a break...she is constantly beating down Gary with her words and actions...if she was unhappy she should've just let him go. no child should be seeing what that poor baby is seeing. Leah is the victim. she never asked to be brought to this world. her parents need to realize their actions have consequences. this goes for the both of them.


Have any of you seen season one of this show? Gary did nothing for Leah during the season. He never cleaned or helped with Leah, so i can understand where Amber is coming from with the anger and the attitude that he does nothing for them. I do however, think she has taken it to the extreme with him this season. He does seem to have changed into a better parent - and she has morphed into his role of not caring. Its never OK to act this way in front of your kids. She def. needs to be forced into anger management. the first season seems a little more "real" to me with the struggles of a teen mom, since they didn't have the money they have now.


In my opinion how she acted was way out of line, but can everyone say that they have never had a breakdown moment before? Obviously she has alot of stress in her life and I feel her biggest goal is to figure out how to handle it. What if you were in her shoes and you have a breakdown on tv and now people are saying that gary should just have full custody. I believe no matter what "it takes two too tango" and I feel it is both of their responsibilities to fix this for their little girl, and they just need encouragement not judgement.


wow. to see Amber hitting Gary and being so verbablly abusive towards him all the time blaming him for how she is acting. When she talks with her friend, she never looks at herself. I hope this show will make her do that and help her see her potential...once she gets help and lives a different life maybe that will be her life. Leah deserves a better mom and Amber can be that if she so chooses. Leah could be so damaged by all she sees and heres and by the not having her needs of security and love met. This makes me so sad.


Amber is phsyco! Any girl her age would love for a man to treat her the way Gary does. Amber is lazy and scummy looking,I think Child Protective services should give Gary full custody and make Amber go to classes.(not just parenting classes,housekeeping,bathing,and anger management!!!They should also run a drug test on her!!!!


Gary is a nice guy but he purposely pushes her buttons. If it wasn't for Amber he would still be a vigin. He likes all the sympathy so he plays the game and milks it for all its worth.


This girl is mental. Heather said we need to understand how stressful being a teen mom is, but Amber was the one that decided to have sex, and then to have a baby. None of the other girls act like a crazed sociopath with uncontrollable rage. She should be arrested for assault. If it was the other way around, Gary would be in jail. Amber is verbally and physically abusive to Gary and is emotionally abusive to her daughter. The best thing would be if Gary had called child protective services, but Gary cares too much.
That poor child cries and is upset when Amber yells at Gary, but Amber doesn't seem to care. Then she ignores Leah and lets her cry. If something doesn't happen soon, that child is going to have abandonment issues.


My heart breaks for Leah. If you look at her precious face while Amber and Gary are fighting, it is just HAUNTING. She is such a beautiful baby. I am a senior undergraduate in social work, and I think Amber may be a sociopath. I usually side with maternal custody, but in this case I do think Gary should have full custody of Leah. And he needs to stop leaving her crying when he leaves after fighting with Amber! He should take her with him! It just breaks my heart. God bless Leah and pray for her please.


are you kidding the producers wouldnt intervene they dont want to stop it because they care more about a good show then the people they are filming that said Gary should just walk away and take that baby Amber needs helps and shouldnt be left alone with Leah until she is better able to control her anger

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