Teen Mom's Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley: Under Investigation, in Therapy

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Like her Teen Mom co-stars Maci Bookout and Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood has not had an easy time of it after giving birth at the tender age of 18.

Amber's in a totally different league, however.

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Police are investigating Portwood after she was seen hitting ex-fiance Gary Shirley on last week's episode of the MTV show that glorifies teen pregnancy.

Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood in happier, less violent times.

The Anderson Police Department in Indiana have now launched an investigation into the incident, in which Amber looked to be kicking her man as well.

"We were made aware of the domestic abuse following the episode that aired on MTV," Anderson Public Information Officer Mitch Carroll told reporters.

"Based on that there was a case drafted. The Department of Child Protective Services in Indiana notified us that they are aware of the incident as well."

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley are now seeking counseling.

Her father Shawn confirmed that she is doing everything she can to salvage her relationship with her on-off fiance and the father of her small child.

Shawn revealed that Amber and Gary have been in counseling for months, and he hopes that they get married, despite the aforementioned battle.

"It's my understanding they're doing just fine," Shawn said. "They're now going to couples counseling. It was their idea as a whole, them together."

Hopefully they work it out for the good of everyone involved.


Amber treats Gary like crap. She seriously has issues. When she was trying to force Leah to lay down and drink her cup that made me so upset. Leah doesn't mind Amber because Amber is always yelling at her. Gary actually takes time to calm Leah down and she actually listens to him. He has a voice she likes because its not always in a scream. From experience with an abusive relationship, the best thing to do is either get out of it or go to counsuling but i dont think that amber will change. She doesn't love gary and she just wants to have fun like Farrah did the first season. Leah is a baby, Amber needs to realize that if she didn't want to responsibility of motherhood then she should have been smart like Catelyn and Tyler and provided a better life for their daughter. I commend them for doing that. Maci is a great mom and Farrah is getting way better. She is actually putting sophia first.


gary is a punk beotch! i hate him! Everytime he gets mad he takes the baby and leaves. saying he aint coming back with their baby and just being a lazy lard ass! i was tickled pink when she finally gave that loser what he deserved




run gary! runnnnn!!!!!!!!


From experience It never gets better so in my opinion I think the "therapy" is a way for her to look better in the media, and to possible get out of trouble. Gary is staying around because of all the "false promises" Amber is making. Been there done that. It never changes. It only gets worse. As far as her baby. I think she need to either get placed with Gary (without Amber)or be taken in by CPS. Amber DOES NOT take care of that child. Yes financially but she doesnt do anything else. That child is ALWAYS in her crib, and Amber fusses at her for breathing pretty much. She needs to get help by herself and for herself. She will never realize that she needs to change until everything she loves walks away from her.


Tiffany Says:
October 8th, 2010 11:10 AM
honestly amber needs a little help as far as the hitting situation goes and you also have to take in consider that she takes care of all the bills and Gary is not working"
If it were Gary working instead of Amber, would it be excusable for him to hit her? look at that house if that had been a black couple then the mother would have had cps in her house and taking the child because it is never clean Why did race come into this?


Gary needs to run from this crazy woman, and he needs to take his child with him. I pray CPS does all that it can to protect that child because its mother is TOTALLY UNHINGED. God bless. RB


sigh i dunno about all of you guys - quick as usual to point fingers... amber has a job... which she works at very hard, and still she comes home to see about her daughter which is frustrating to anyone ... but the big man on campus DOn'T work a place, never helps around the home and is always telling abmer what and what..EXCUSE ME? i get so mad watching him do NOTHING but act an ass and live off her that i wish i could kick some sense into him but that would only hurt my foot.. sigh
you all have it against her because she is a teen mom - nothing she ever will do would be right ... and as for the show glorifying teen pregnancy? I've been letting my child sit and watch it with me - and i explain to her that if she does adult things like what they are doing then she can be like these girls - and i've asked her if she thought they were cool and she said that she didn't think they were happy and she didnt want to be like them.. go figure...


ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! Amber, you really can't be that stupid to date a CHILD MOLESTER?!!! Please, CPS HELP! Step in here and help Leah get out of this terrible place! She needs a home with people that will love & care for her.


And if that man is a sex offender, then someone needs to have child welfare remove that child from the house. This is a tragedy waiting in the wings.

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