Teen Mom's Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley: Under Investigation, in Therapy

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Like her Teen Mom co-stars Maci Bookout and Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood has not had an easy time of it after giving birth at the tender age of 18.

Amber's in a totally different league, however.

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Police are investigating Portwood after she was seen hitting ex-fiance Gary Shirley on last week's episode of the MTV show that glorifies teen pregnancy.

Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood in happier, less violent times.

The Anderson Police Department in Indiana have now launched an investigation into the incident, in which Amber looked to be kicking her man as well.

"We were made aware of the domestic abuse following the episode that aired on MTV," Anderson Public Information Officer Mitch Carroll told reporters.

"Based on that there was a case drafted. The Department of Child Protective Services in Indiana notified us that they are aware of the incident as well."

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley are now seeking counseling.

Her father Shawn confirmed that she is doing everything she can to salvage her relationship with her on-off fiance and the father of her small child.

Shawn revealed that Amber and Gary have been in counseling for months, and he hopes that they get married, despite the aforementioned battle.

"It's my understanding they're doing just fine," Shawn said. "They're now going to couples counseling. It was their idea as a whole, them together."

Hopefully they work it out for the good of everyone involved.


Amber is just a disrespectful, selfish skank!!! Gary is not all that great either. What is the flippin deal with the sheets. You can afford to go out of town, get your nails done, etc. but cannot buy enough sheets for your baby's bed???? How rediculous!! That baby needs to go to Gary's mom, she seems to be the only one that is sane in that entire bunch and Amber & Gary need to grow the hell up!!


I was blown away when I seen the episode where Amber hit Gary in front of poor little Leah. This beautiful little child needs to be removed from her abusive mother's care so she can be raised in a stable, safe, happy environment. Children learn from their parents and unfortunately this child is being exposed to alot of anger, abuse, and rage. I wonder how angry Amber gets when the cameras are not around? I also noticed that she has no care regarding the safety of her child whe she left a sharp knife out on her plate, and when Leah was able to reach a glass candle to play with. It only takes a second for a child to harm themselves and obviously Amber has no clue or no care. She also didnt even have crib sheets for her daughter. This immature, angry individual is obviously not ready to raise a child.


amber is a poor excuse for a mother. If she thinks that abusing the father of her child is the way to raise a kid she is wrong. I am a mother of a 1 year old little boy and i would never allow him to be in an environment that involved such antics. Gary tries so hard to help her, and impress her and make her happy but it just seems like she wants to walk all over him, and like she throws leah in his face whenever he does something that makes her mad. Being a mother means its time to grow up, that child should be her number 1 prioprity right now, and ambers got better things on her mind, like dating some guy who was in jail! For the sake of that poor little girl, i hope that amber will figure out her life and get things back on track, but until thens he should be with her father, atleast he can provide her with a non abusive stable home!


OH YEAH and if Gary tries to take Leah use what you got girl.
There is no statue of limitations on statutory rape.
Gary should have known better than to put Amber's life at risk at having a child so young.
& what he couldn't afford a condom?
PLZ he knew she was 14 - 15 years old when he decides to have sex with her & get her pregnant.
Why? Maybe because no one in his town would have sex with him so he had to have sex with a child.
What A piece of crap.
Would any of you in here like your 15 year old daughter to get pregnant by a grown man? & on top of it he's abusive his damn self.
He's the real child molester not Chris :D


This chick needs help!!!! Poor Leah shouldnt have to be subjected to this!!!! And Gary you need to take that child and raise her without that nut job!!! Im suprised he stays so calm when she is throwing tantrums and hitting him!!! Go to parenting classes and get your act together...learn to be a good mom. I almost feel bad for you amber I really think you need help!!!


I think that Gary and Amber are both a little retarted. Amber for sure has anger and mental issues that she should seek medical treatment for. And Gary, well he needs to exercise his right as the father and take his daughter until Amber straightens up. Who asks a guys on the first date "What were you doing when you met me?"


This is the first time in my life I wanted to post something about a tv show on the internet. I am horrified at how producers of this show is not taking matters into their hands and call child protection services on their own! And her ex finance should file charges against her. You don't need more evidence than watching the show to show how unfit this girl is. I pray for this child. I am disgusted, disgusted, disgusted at the tv producers. (I raised three children on my own and they are now adults).




Your all right poor Amber!! boooo hoooo!! If she would have kept her legs together instead of scratching her itch she would not be passing on her weak gene pool!!!


My question is, why is this happening now? Why wasn't there anyone on set to protect the emotional and physical needs of the babies on these types of shows? Now they are investigating, how many months later? Why didn't MTV report it when it happened? I believe that the filmers and producers of these shows has a moral and ethical duty to make sure things like this are reported, and stopped before they escilate. It's not wildlife we're talking about here, it's real life. So sad..

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