Teen Mom Drama: Amber Portwood Freaks the Hell Out, Gary Shirley and Baby Leah Escape Injury

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Just weeks after their televised smackdown, a police report from a new, disturbing fight between Teen Mom stars Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley has surfaced.

But despite the latest of many heated confrontations between the troubled couple, Gary insists that both he and the couple's baby, Leah, are “100 percent OK.”

At 12:33 a.m. last Wednesday in the couple’s home town of Anderson, Ind., Gary says he pushed Amber out of his home after she “threatened to batter him.”

ALL GOOD: Gary and Leah are fine after the latest domestic disturbance.

Amber Portwood, who was only wearing underwear at the time, became enraged when Gary received a text message she thought was from another woman.

The pair were quietly watching a movie together when she saw the text, which Gary later told police was from a male friend – NOT a woman. Oops. Her bad.

According to the police report, a fight erupted and Gary Shirley headed for the door when Amber Portwood physically threatened him. Pretty standard stuff.

When Amber followed him outside in her underwear, Gary rushed back in and locked her out to avoid being hit by his fiancee, who has a history of violence.

The police report also notes that “Ms. Portwood seemed extremely stressed out” and that she was with Gary because her apartment was “being boxed up.”

Officers drove her home so "the two could be separated."

RAGE: It's a pretty common thing with Amber Portwood.

Amber has a well-chronicled history of violence on the MTV reality show, with a number of episodes even showing her getting physically abusive with Gary.

She is currently under investigation with the Anderson Police Department for domestic abuse. Somehow we don't imagine it will be the last time, either.

Gary Shirley says he's got her back. He'd better be careful the next time he turns his back on her, though, lest he end up with a steak knife lodged in it.


WTF Mario!!! Are you blind!!?? She is a physically crazy psycho bitch!! I think you and Gary could do better!! Just a thought...


Amber, you are such a drama "Queen"...Gary, you better watch your back, your right, a knife could be in her hands,and in her rage, one time is all it would take. I can't believe Children Services, have not stepped in already. Or are they waiting for her to loose her cool with baby Leah??????A dangerous situation, to say the least!!!!!!!


Well Adrian, how did you know what garbage it was if you weren't watching along with the rest of us? I guess your remote wasn't working....


To Totianna, Are you high or just stupid? Seriously. You've got to be one of the two (or both) in order to stand up for Amber. Do you also stand up for child abuse and murder?


When it comes to bad behavior, Amber takes the blue ribbon!
The only other thing close to Amber's behavior is Gary sticking around with Leah. You know Gary, if you want to stay with Amber, fine get your ass kicked daily, but SOMEONE get that poor baby out of there!! Nobody can tell me that when Amber gets in her "hitting state" that she is not going to hit Leah also.


Gary, you need to do what you have to do to get full custody, and leave that girl alone. She is never going to change. She will only get worse. Please do it for Leah's sake. Leah needs a mom but she does not need a mom that bad. You need to get Leah, and then in the future you will find another woman and mother for Leah. God bless you and please THINK and stay away from that lunatic!!


Gary you better think long and careful if you take Amber back. You will end up losing your daughter as well. Amber you say you don't want to hit him or yell him, but you do. It's going to take an effort to change. YOU have to make the effort. I'm tired of people saying, "they're young, giv'em a break." I don't care about you Amber or even Gary... I'm worried for Leah. Amber you say you haven't hit her... I don't believe you. I've seen your rage. When you want to sleep no one (not even Leah) better get in your way. That's with cameras. Can't even imagine what goes on without the cameras.


Can't believe the people sticking up for this abusive teen here. Are you her relatives??? God bless. RB


If that baby isn't taken from her and given to Gary with the express stipulation that he split from the mother, she'll be battering the baby next. Just watch. God bless. RB


Amber, is that you? We know you're the only lunatic who'd defend your actions. Quit posting on gossip sites and get some therapy! lol.

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