Taylor Swift: Serious About Career, Not Jake Gyllenhaal

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Yes, Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal were spotted around New York City this week.

But no matter how cozy the pair looked together, a friend of the singer's tells fans they can stop trying to come up with a nickname for this twosome. They aren't a couple.

"Taylor is very serious about her career," this source told People. "For her, it's all about the career right now. She's not really interested in getting heavily involved with anyone."

Performing on Today
Posing Outside Ed Sullivan Theater

It's hard to imagine when Swift would even find time to date. She's spent the entire month promoting her new album, "Speak Now," appearing this week on The Today Show and The Late Show with David Letterman, both of which are pictured above.

A friend of Gyllenhaal's agrees that there's little to romantic rumors between Jake and Taylor, saying:

"They're cute together. But I don't think there's anything to it. Everyone's talking about it. They hung out. But that's it. I don't think they're a couple."

Swift better find someone new to date soon, though. How else will she come up with songs for another album?

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Your such a cutie pie Jake, you can do way better!!


i agree with crystal


Run Jake run!!! You will end up on her next album when the two of you break up, and it will be her version of the relationship.


I feel bad for Swift,she has been a little slave girl for mother and record label since preconception.She is probally such a dull date.The promo for her new cd is getting a little ridiculous. talk about a cash cow workhorse.


p.s. oh yea the guy from glee


jake g is not just because he played in the movie i think taylor swift is a ho because she went to joe jonas and taylor lantuer and john mayer and now jake g and then guy from her new video now what happen to him thats all she does date guys to make a hit song i think we just felt sorry for her thats why she won all the awards i think carrie underwood is way better then taylor swift i hope carrie win this award dec 6 iam so tired of hearing taylor singing about joe jonas she needs to get over with it and move on and the target then i think thats just to make her album go up.


Jake Gyllenhaal is gay, Taylor Swift bearded before, but I don't think Jake is interested in bearding with her.


Sylvie and Sara said what I've been trying to say forever. Taylor Swift uses boys!


I think she likes using her very public relationships to make new songs, don't they all?? Just another reason why you shouldn't date a musician.


Can't a 20 year old date around? She doens't have to sleep with every one of them.

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