Taylor Momsen or Anna Chapman: Whose Cover Packs More Heat?

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Talk about firepower.

What could ever pack more heat in a magazine than a teenage, lingerie-clad Gossip Girl actress and PTC lightning rod rocker with a sawed-off shotgun?

Okay, a deported Russian spy with a .45 might do it. Anna Chapman's Maxim cover gives Taylor Momsen's Revolver photo spread a run for its money.

So, we gotta ask ...

Taylor Momsen Cover
Anna Chapman in Maxim

Which gun-toting magazine cover girl is hotter?


You wish bob! One is under age and the other is very photo shopped so this is probably not the most accurate pic of her. It a good laugh that's about it...


I'd have sex with both of them. At the same time.


Both covers are quite comical!!!

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