Taylor Momsen: More Inappropriate Than Miley?

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Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen recoils at Miley Cyrus comparisons, but she just pulled a Miley by ticking off the Parents Television Council with her antics.

Cyrus' new, overtly sexual video for "Who Owns My Heart" sparked outcry from the group, which criticized the example she sets for young, female fans.

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Now it's a gun-toting, lingerie-clad Momsen, also 17, on the cover of Revolver magazine that has the PTC up in arms. Just like her nemesis Miley ...

BAD SEEDS: T-Moms and Miles are two peas in an inappropriate pod.

The PTC says that by making guns and violence seem sexy, Taylor contributes to the epidemic "of kids’ overexposure to hyper-sexualized media content, which has been linked to depression, eating disorders, and sexual risk-taking."

She can act hard all she wants, but this Taylor-Miley comparison won't be the last. Both are going out of their way to push the envelope and are far too young to behave in such a manner without offending people (justifiably or not).

The only real question: Who's more inappropriate?


Taylor isn't really a 'great' example of a... I was gonna say normal teen girl her age but that's way too general. However, I think Miley's more inappropriate because: A) She's the star of a Disney show aimed at young kids, which hasn't finished yet
B) Taylor may have been a child actress, but she only became well known through "Gossip Girl" which is a teen/young adult show I think it is irresponsible for Miley to be trying out the whole 'teen hooker' phase while she's still on "Hannah Montana." Would it have killed her to wait until the show ended, or not agreed to do the last season if she was so desperate to change her image? Far more young, impressionable girls look up to Miley than they do Taylor; that's a fact.


Taylor is a different body type than Miley. Taylor will make it as an adult celebrity. I'm not so sure about Miley. Her body type is not considered sexy. I feel that she should put some clothes on and work on her voice.


I like both suck but i like miley better I think xD


@free britney: I don't see how Miley Cyrus is "far too young" to dress or dance sexy without offending people. The girl will be 18 in like 4 weeks. She's in her LATE teens. It's nothing abnormal, horrific, or shocking for starlets IN THEIR LATE TEENS to go for a sexy image. Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, and Rihana did it. Anyone prudish enough to get offended by a 17/18 year old pop star embracing their sexier side is really living in the wrong era. Period. As for who's worse, I'd definitely say Taylor Momsen. This girl has been smoking and drinking since she was 16-maybe even younger. She's always cursing people out AND WALKING DOWN THE STREET IN HER UNDERWEAR LIKE SHE'S LADY GAGA. Her latest magazine photo is racier than any magazine picture Miley has taken. And let's not forget Taylor's cold response to the victims of the Haiti earth quake.


personally I think they are both dressed innapropriet. However, taylor momsen and miley cyrushave compleately different fan bases. Miley cyrus is a disney star, with a fan base of primarily preteen girls. Taylor momsen preformes for an older audience, and her music itslef is far more innapropriet than mileys, its a whole other demographic. And taylor never pretended she wasnt being a slut. She has outright said she likes to dress overly sexual. But she can get away with it easier, because unlike miley, shes not going wishy washy back and forth between charming disney princess to super skank. At least momsen ownes up to it.


Okay. There is a difference. Miley C does not go around spouting crap about masturbation, sex tapes and porn stars. When she goes out in her normal life, yeah her shorts are short and her shirts are skimpy (I still find this slutty, don't get me wrong), but she does not look like a cheap, dirty prostitute. I do not support Miley because she's portraying a stripperesque vibe, but Taylor is evidently trying so, so, so hard to be "hard" and she dresses like a cheap, drugged out prostitute. And have you seen her Make Me wanna die video, where she walks trhough a cemetary in just her bra and undies? yeah, it's a little different than Miley, though both their parents seem to have failed miserably.


Honestly.... it's a no brainer . When Miley is not performing, she dresses just fine for her age. She doesn't drink, she doesn't smoke, and doesn't swear. She's a sweet girl. And people don't realize she's performing when she's acting and dressing sexy. Honestly do you people think she goes around town dressing like that?
And Taylor dose drink, does smoke and has a filthy mouth. She DOSE dress like a slut on a dally basis. There's NO comparison.


To be quite honest. I don't really pay much to Taylor Momsen. Anyways I hear that she does smoke, swear, drink, wear really quite inappropriate chlothing. Where as Miley doesn't smoke, drink (Maybe not alot, maybe she does, it's not illegal) and she doesn't wear inappropriate chlothing. Lemme get one thing straight, Shorts aren't slutty, (sorta) see-through tops aren't slutty! For god sake! Paparazzi and reporters take this TOO far. GIVE HER A FU**ING BREAK!
Miley, me + your fans will stick by you!


honestly i loved miley she used to be my role model i always watched hannah montanna and i loved hannah montanna forever but then when she got all wild like ke$ha im like hwat happened she used to be so awsome now im so mad at her for being a slut now we want the old miley back the one that always made us smile but now it looks like justin bieber is ahead


This is a generational thing that has always and will always happen. Remember back in the 80's, there was a band called Bow-wow-wow. They had a 14 year old lead singer who dressed in skimpy outfits and played up her sex appeal. These two aren't ground breaking and they are not the end of morals as we know it. They are just two in a long line of underage females (and males) playing up their sex appeal because their music simply cannot sell by itself.

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