Source: Miley Cyrus Returned to Liam Hemsworth for "Normalcy and Structure"

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Many celebrity gossip followers were surprised by yesterday's divorce announcement from Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus.

But sources say one person was aware this was coming a long time ago: Miley Cyrus.

“Miley knew about the divorce awhile ago and she’s been taking it really hard," a friend told Hollywood Life. "Pretty much at the same time, she broke up with [Liam Hemsworth], Hannah Montana was ending and then her parents’ marriage was falling apart."

Tish and Noah
Liam and Miles

Left: Tish Cyrus make her first appearance since her divorce goes public. Right: Miley grabs Liam by the hand.

In a quest for what this insider describes as "normalcy and structure" in her life, Miley got back together with Liam in September.

“She got super stressed out and that’s really when she started acting out more," says the source. "Plus, her parents really like him and so she’s trying to make it work. She’s just doing the best she can.”

More than ever, Miley will now be counted on to be the rock of her family. We don't always agree with her professional decisions, but we do wish her the best in overcoming this personal obstacle.


why @CandyFrEaK2100 why dont you look around the steret and see how much people dont wear seat belt .. she probably forgotten and please , did u remember everytime ?-.-u are sick (: leave her alone , she's just a normal person .. she forgets these stuff like we all do .. dont watch if u're a hater (;


I think Hilton Hater has toned down after Perez Hilton swore not to behave like a cyber bully for all these celebrities.


no wonder miley's been way more sexy than we thought she was. Then again, even before 2010, she was acting sexy. i luv miley and she acts sexy because that's how she is and she's nearly an adult. i feel so bad for her. nobody should have to go through a divorce like this, especially a celebrity since it can be 10x more stressful with the paparazzi and raging fans. I just hope miley uses this time in her life to inspire and encourage other kids who may be going through this tough time in their life to push through. miley's always been one to deal with situations in a good way, i hope she does so again...xoxoxoxox miley and i adore u huney.


your actually not insulting her now.when a persons parents get divorced it can really mess with the childs life and can make them really stressed out that explains why shes been on edge lately.


awww ): so sad. i feel sadden by the news but this is like the best non insult post ever. Miley, your fans will always be with you :)


finally your not insulting miley!! wonder shes so easily pissed off these few weeks. everything happens all so fast...hannah montana is coming to an end, her dad and mum is breaking up, she and liam is not going too well although they are back together. all the best miley supporting you always!!!


Thank you for finally not insulting Miles. It must be hard to go through your parents divorce, discovering yourself, dating, the woes of being a teenager- and doing it all in the critical eye of Hollywood. She's a human being, and she deserves privacy and respect so she can deal with this her own way. I'm proud of her for staying strong through it all. This girl here is not Britney 2.0. She's Miley Cyrus. First and last of her kind. Number 1!


This is terribly sad news. Miley deserves our support at this difficult time. Please paparazzi and critics give Miley a break now. Her life is quite complicated enough as it is at the moment and for this to happen is really not good. A message of support for the Cyrus family at this difficult time.


Im glad to see shes trying to make things as normal as possible...this is hard thing to go through, celebrity or not, and I hope everything goes well with the Cyrus family.


THG: Probably THE Best article I've seen you post about the Supergirl. Thank You...And now I guess I have to annoy you,because I'm going to say; I really like this side of you. Hope to see a whole lot more of it...
This post explains many things and it does so in a completely non-malicious manner that I find---incredibly cool,Lol!
Thank You again. Later all; Hollywood---out...

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