Siohvaughn Wade, Wife of Dwyane, is Nuts

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Dwyane Wade's ex-wife, Siohvaughn, is not peaceful. Nor is she sane.

That was the conclusion, more or less, of an attorney appointed to look out for the kids of the NBA star and his former spouse during their child custody trial.

According to documents filed in Chicago, Lester L. Barclay claims "there is a question as to the mental condition and violent tendencies" of Siohvaughn Wade

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We are talking about a woman who accused him of giving her an STD and sued him for heavy petting with Gabrielle Union, so it may not be a big stretch.

Barclay claims Siohvaughn's own testimony has revealed a history of extreme violence, and that he believes she has "homicidal" and "suicidal" tendencies.

He wants the court to force Siohvaughn to undergo a psych evaluation with a court-approved psychiatrist, and their kids to stay with Dwyane throughout.


Well I must say this, we don't know what really happened. No one does and until God himself reveals it to us, no one will ever know the truth expect God. What ever has happened in that marriage it is for God to judge and not us. I just hope and pray that their kids will be alright.


Siohvaughan is not crazy after what this woman went through losing her husband to another woman while pregnant, disrepected by carrying on an affair while the marriage is not over. With Dwyane when he was a nobody. Losing custody of your 2 kids and having the same woman looking after your kids. STOP BASHING THIS


Sounds like she is angry w/her ex....divorcing usually means antimosity exist. But has ANYTHING been directed toward the children? Is she neglectful to them? I don't see her in the paper, on reality tv or keeping a crazy blog. Kids of professional athletes rarely see them, nor do the spouses...sad but true. She should retain custody!


i hope she is nuts so he'll be forced to take care of her the rest of her life. he is a fool for putting that girl through all that. now he'll pay and pay and pay for a disabled exspouse