Shery Shabani and David Beckham Deny Allegations of Affair

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David Beckam says he never had sex with a high-priced call girl. The same applies to a family friend.

In divorce documents between Shery Shabani and her husband, it's been revealed that this jewelry designer's much worse half once "threatened to kill" her and told police officers, responding to the scene of a domestic dispute, that his wife "f--ked' David Beckham.""

A Worried Fan

Shabani has been friends with the Beckhams for years.

David Beckham often scores on the soccer pitch... but never away from it, with anyone not named Victoria, he swears!

Because this claim has been made public, the soccer star was forced to respond through his rep, who told E! News that his client has his eye on the ball... literally!

"As with another recent story, this is another tale full of fantasy. On a serious note, David is naturally focused on the important game against Chivas this Sunday."

Shabani is also on record, saying of this story: "There is absolutely no truth to the rumors regarding my relationship with David Beckham. I consider both David and Victoria friends and wish them all the best."

She recently filed for a restraining order against her soon-to-be ex.


This Shery chick is working this from every angle! GOLD-DIGGING WHORE is right. Fess up to your affair...OWN IT. Leave your husband and kids out of it. It's your hole you've dug yourself into!


Tiger Woods denied having an affair too, and look how that turned out! Sounds like Shery Shabani is trying to get famous the "hard" way.


So this woman sleeps with David Beckham and makes her husband look like a raging crazy person? And drags her children's names into this? What a great wife and mother?!!! Can you spell gold digger? She is a whore.


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