Sexy Spy: Anna Chapman Poses For Maxim

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Not long ago, Russian spy Anna Chapman was trying to uncover U.S. secrets. Now she's almost completely uncovered ... in the Russian version of Maxim!

The spread, at least judging from the magazine's cover and website, features the most risque photos yet of the espionage perpetrator and femme fatale.

The Anna Chapman Maxim cover story and interview will appear in the new issue. She's also been named one of Russia's 100 sexiest women. Here's why ...

Anna Chapman in Maxim

We have no idea what that says. Fortunately, no one cares anyway.

Photographs and videos show the scantily clad red-haired spy posing with a gun. Talk about cashing in on your notoriety ... and rubbing it in our faces!

"Anna Chapman has done more to excite Russian patriotism than the Russian soccer team," writes the site. Well, obviously. Those guys totally suck.

Chapman was one of 10 Russian spies deported from the United States in July. Sultry photos of her on social-networking sites made her a sensation.

Reports say Playboy may be next ... if the CIA doesn't off her first.


P.S. As enlightened Christians & Buddhists say: " Always teach
Love, for that is what you are, and what made you "


After reading Anna's comments she described to Maxim on the 3
types of males she views populating the male side of the animal
kingdom, I'm gratified to understand I'm the 3rd of 3. She's not
only a picture of all the primary colors..but she's genuinely
intelligent too. Too bad the USA wasn't made up of mindfull citizens like her. If it were, we'd have avoided many of the
foolish wars that have decimated us. Da.


Have you seen the lines at Food Banks, Job Fairs and Un-Employment...Good God, it's a paying gig!


EEEWW what's going on with her left tit??!! Photoshop city baby anyone can look good!