(Seriously) Coming Soon: Justin Bieber Nail Polish!

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A comic book was one thing. A movie could be interesting. Host of a revived MTV series? Sure, why not? A line of action dolls? We're starting to push it.

Now, it's really possible that Bieber Fever is spreading too quickly and afflicting too many industries, as we can confirm Justin Bieber is coming out with his own line of nail polish. Yes, nail polish.

Cutie Kicks It

The young singer has signed a deal with Nicole by OPI. His line will be titled the One Less Lonely Girl collection and each color will be inspired by Bieber singles:

  • One Less Lonely Glitter (lavender)
  • Prized Possession Purple (grape)
  • Give Me The First Dance (silver)
  • Me + Blue (dark blue)
  • OMB! (bright red)
  • Step 2 the Beat of My Heart (heart-shaped glitter)

Look for the polish to be available in December in Walmart, and then stores such as Sears and Target by February.

Dare we ask: Would you paint pics of Justin Bieber on your nails?


OMG i am so gonna buy that comes out omg i carnt wait :D :D JUSTIN BIEBER


yes i will paint a pic of justin bieber on my nails


i think that's kinda gay...


haha OMG!!!!! this is totally CRAZY!!!!!! but i am a HUGE FAN of Justin Bieber and i would TOTALLY buy the nail polish!!!!!!!!!!! HECK YEAH SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha :P :P u can jus get ova it HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOBODY LIKES U GUYS ANYWAY EXCEPT FOR THE OTHER HATERS OUT THERE


lets get real ppl,I have 4 young girls and to tell you the truth i was getting tired of the jobros. If i was a young boy with all the girls in love with me...yeah i would totally sell nail polish.And to all the haters ...leave the kid alone. Your all just nad you didn't think of your own nail polish line LOL I say go on JB go for lip gloss next ppl are always talkin so make your $$$$. theres nothing wrong with that


ok like lizzy said same for me ok im a jonas fan but justin bieber is just really pushing to far now!!!!! hes gay damn it!!!!


I might be a Jonas fan, but I would never, ever paint a picture of any of them on my nails.
this is just pushing it. I'm sorry. No (normal) guy would endorse his own brand of nail polish. one step too far. he's freaking everywhere.
i hate justin bieber.
sincerely, a teenage girl.


Erm, uh, JB is a cool dude and I wouldn't mind rolling with him, but.... nail polish? And painting him on my nails? Now that's... ridiculous.
I think we need a cure for Beiber Fever. It's one thing to like a guy, it's another to almost trample people to death trying to see him.


So this faggot is making his own Nail Polish, eh?


when i saw u,,,, and i was lik baby baby baby ohhhhhhh thought ull always br mine mine,,, and naw goin goin,,,, m all done

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