Samantha Barks: Dating Nick Jonas?!?

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The Internet is buzzing over the relationship between Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene.

Now, brother Nick is doing his sibling a favor and diverting attention away to his own love life: at the afterparty for the 25th anniversary production of Les Miserables in London last night, onlookers say Nick looked awfully cozy with co-star Samantha Barks.

Intense, Cute Stare

The pair walked around holding hands and mingling with guests, which included Joe, Ashley, Kevin Jonas and his wife, Danielle.

"Nick is such a wonderful person. We definitely keep in contact," Samantha said, while Nick remained mum and simply replied to a question about the  20-year old actress with: "I keep that stuff to myself."

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ok britny i am very sory but where ever you r at inthe world he wil never come find you and be like ur so beatiful i want to be with u forever dont leave me britany please i love yuo mua anyways how old are you and nobody liks a desperate person! for ur info u want him 2b with u nd end up devestaded wen he can just stay with her nd be happy if u lov um let him go nd if he lovs u hel come back k listen let um go but i 100 percent guarentee you he will not come back get a life


id like to confirm i think nick jonas is dating her i recently went to disneyland i belive on febuary 2011 and while i was exiting the pirates of the carabian ride i saw him with my own eyes with her in the vip line if you dont belive me you can ask him yourself on facebook or something if he was recently there and the ansewer should be yes u take someone 2 the hapiest place on earth when u wna be the hapiest man or mk her the hapiest women on erth think bout it and it makes total sense


I Know Your In Les Mezarobe But U Shouldnt Be Dating Nick Jonas Because Hes Toatly Weird.


sammy i beg u lick my coooooooooooock please now


I LOVE samantha Barks! BRILLIANT singer! I was cautious of NIck being in Les mis, but wow...He did REALLY well!!! WISH i could have seen it live. brittany, you may be assured that you do sound extremely creepy. you are not in love with him, you have NEVER met him. So find a real life boyfriend.


Well I'm proud she's a fellow Brit =) but I still need to warm to her lol, but seriously she needs to know that's she's living thousands of girls dreams and a little part of me is hoping that it won't last, but that is incredibly childish of me and kind of wrong because If we all really love him we would want him to be happy =P but pests face it I wouldn't mind being the next Mrs Jonas =) xxx


i hope this doesnt lead to marriage because i want to be mrs nick jonas!i've wanted to for so long. nick! nick! dont do this to me! you can date her but dont marry her because you need to be with me.i love you more than you will ever know.and i know thats creepy but-i mean it. any way im way prettier than her!


i dont know about the rest of you, but i was devastated when i looked in a j14 mag and saw that he is with a girl who is not me.i want to be happy for him but i like him so much and wish that could be me.and i did cry


No-one knows for sure but if it is true i am soooo happy for them miky xxxx


Kay so aunt signed your comment with the name josie.byou are obviously lying. get over yourself