Rihanna Calls Chris Brown Assault a Needed Wake-Up Call, Turning Point

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Chris Brown's brutal assault on her shocked the world and rocked hers early last year. Not in a good way, either. But Rihanna says she has no regrets.

The 22-year-old singer tells the December issue of Marie Claire UK that "God has a crazy way of working" and that in a way, it was what she needed.

"Sometimes when stuff happens you feel like, 'What did I do to deserve this?' Why was it backfiring on me?'" she recalls. "But I needed that wake-up call."

"I needed a turning point, and that's what God was giving to me." - Rihanna

At the time, however, Rihanna says it was difficult to go through such a painful situation - and the end of the relationship - in the public eye.

"All this terrible stuff they say to you, it breaks you down," she says.

"[But] at the same time, once you're actually back on your feet - if you ever make it back on your feet - that's the ultimate achievement."

She says it wasn't easy to break up with Brown, but knew it was time.

Chris Brown pleaded guilty to a felony and accepted a plea deal that included more than 1,400 hours of community labor and five years probation.

Even so, it wasn't easy to call it quits with a person she loved. So how did Rihanna finally find the strength to end the toxic relationship?

"I remember I was in New York at the Trump Hotel and I woke up and I just knew I was over it. It was a different day. I felt different," she said.


"I didn't feel lonely," she recalls. "I felt like I wanted to get up and be in the world again. It was liberating. That was a great, great feeling."

She hasn't looked back since.

"I feel like I smile for real this time. The smiles come from inside, and it exudes in everything I do," she says. "People feel my energy is different. When I smile they can tell that it's pure bliss and not just a cover up."


@Sandeebp let's not judge anyone because no one is perfect. Everyone has their set of flaws..we dont actually know how "mean" she is or was because we dont know her personally but I'm just glad she's happy and he is happy and I hope they both can fully recover their careers like they had before all of this happened. I think they both make great music.


why does she have to be nicer? she wasn't the one that effed him up to the point it looked like she got jumped at the corner of 29th and Girard (Philly!)


She needs to be nicer. She was her own Wake Up call. Who is she kidding !

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