Rick Sanchez: Jon Stewart is a Bigot.... Just Because!

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Rick Sanchez does not like Jon Stewart at all. He also has no clue what the word "bigot" means. Allow us to explain.

The CNN anchor appeared today on the Sirius radio show Stand Up! with Pete Dominick. Asked about Stewart, who is in the news these days for his planned Rally to Restore Sanity, Sanchez replied simply: "I think Jon Stewart’s a bigot."

Could you elaborate, Rick?

"I think he looks at the world through, his mom, who was a school teacher, and his dad, who was a physicist or something like that. Great, I’m so happy that he grew up in a suburban middle class New Jersey home with everything you could ever imagine."

Okay. Thanks for that bio. But you do understand that one must be bigoted against a certain group, right? Keep explaining yourself, please: Who is Stewart biased against?

“Everybody else who’s not like him," Sanchez replied, adding that The Daily Show host only surrounds himself with people that share his point of view, apparently failing to watch Stewart's interview this week with Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly.

In the end, Sanchez said he just "doesn't respect" Stewart, which is perfectly within his rights. But he might wanna find a dictionary and look up the word "bigoted" versus the word "opinionated."

Oh, Sanchez also responded to Dominick's point about Stewart understanding hardships because he's Jewish by pretty much saying Jews control the media:

"I’m telling you that everybody who runs CNN is a lot like Stewart, and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart, and to imply that somehow they - the people in this country who are Jewish - are an oppressed minority? Yeah [right]."

There you go, Rick! Now there's an example of bigotry! You're learning.

** UPDATE: Sanchez has been fired from CNN.


this man is a conservative catholic and fits perfectly with FOX skews, he never learned from his hit and run dui where a person died from severe injuries 5 years later. rick never showed compassion or concern for this person. he fled the scene to have a few drinks to calm his nerves and returned later, only to be given a pass. so much for bigotry. i guess miami police have the same mentality as l.a. protect the famous or one of their own. i don't believe there is any excuse for leaving the scene of an accident where you have hit a pedestrian, even if it was the pedestrians fault, and go have some drinks. all our news is corporate and conservative, not liberal. war means ratings $$ so they loved bush. peace, we will never know as long as the war profiteers control our republic. Rick is a looser and needs help. go work with MADD. make ammends to the family of the victim you left in the road, be human.


As a jounalist Rick had an obligation to his viewers to report the news and offer opinions.To start dabbling in un-called-for name calling was the beginning of the **end for his reputation as a serious commentator. Rick put his foot into his **own mouth.


I really loved his show on CNN. It's just a shame he said what he did on the air. I believe in second chances and in redemption. He did apologize to the bosses I hope...I'll miss him...


well at least he stated his opinion, that he doesn't like Stewart is not a problem and he can't be fired for not liking most of CNN's big shots!

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