Rick Sanchez and Jon Stewart Make Up

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It looks like we can put an end to Anchorgate.

A few days after Rick Sanchez went off on Jewish people and referred to Jon Stewart as a bigot, and about 24 hours after Stewart called out the media for how it portrayed his response, the former CNN newsman has apologized.

Rick Sanchez and Jon Stewart

Of her husband, Suzanne Sanchez wrote the following on Facebook this afternoon:

"rick apologized to jon stewart today. they had a good talk. jon was gracious and called rick "thin-skinned." he's right. rick feels horrible that in an effort to make a broader point about the media, his exhaustion from working 14 hr days for 2 mo. straight, caused him to mangle his thought process inartfully."

Phew. Now that this is over, we can return to a topic those on the right and the left can all agree on: the mocking of senatorial candidate whose platform is: I'm not a witch and I'm not perfect.


I didn't see the actual exchange between Sanchez and Stewart, but is it because it was on television? Has any network listened to Michael Savage who is on the radio weekdays at 6:30 P.M. - he calls everyone, especially Democrats, everything but a horse thief and gets away with it, talk about Bigotry!!!!!


Hoping that MSNBC will pick you up, Rick. MSNBC has always been my favorite news network. Fox news is garbage--please don't go there.


The Supreme Court has 4 Jewish Justices or 45% of the seats on the court for a 2% population. Beyers, Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan are all Jews. (Sotomayor is a Portuguese Jew - her father is Jewish.)


Liberal equals Jews. There could be 18 Jewish Senators from Israel in the US Senate in November. The Jewish population of USA is less than 2% or 7 million Jews. The Hispanic population is 50 million and there is only 1 Hispanic Senator. The African-American population is 40 million and there is only 1 Afro-American Senator. Does that make sense that 7 million Jews get 18 Senators and 90 million minorities get 2 Senators? Jews are OVER-REPRESENTED. Don't Vote Liberal... or since CNN can not fire me - Don't Vote Jew!


It is amazing that the liberals are concerned about Christine O'Donnel being elected to congress. For God's sake Al Franken is sitting up there warming a chair. She can't be any worse than that fool.


I really enjoyed "Rick's List" and hope another network will pick him up soon. I think the other guys were trying to bully Rick. Thanks. Ruth Melvin, Coal Grove, Ohio