Randy Jackson on Parents' Interview: O, Hell No!

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Randy Jackson, the late Michael Jackson's brother, is seriously pissed about his parents' interview with Oprah. Why? Because he says O had it out for MJ.

After Joe and Katherine Jackson invited Oprah Winfrey out to the Jacksons' family compound in Encino, Calif., for an interview, Randy Tweeted his disapproval.

Michael, Prince and Paris Jackson

RJ thinks Oprah tried to put his brother in jail and that she tried to blatantly use her influence to poison the jury in the Michael Jackson molestation trial.

Michael and Randy Jackson were always close.

Randy recalls Oprah doing a show about pedophilia during jury deliberations for his brother's famous molestation case, and, as he puts it, "That was no coincidence."

Randy says O "is the last person on earth [Michael] would want around his children" and had no idea the interview, which he calls a bad mistake, was going on.

If true, he makes a valid point. The air date for the interview is not yet known, but we have a hunch at least one family member won't be glued to the TV set.

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What ever happened to Oprah's son,does anyone know the true Hollywood story?


I agree with Sarah,same reason I want to watch the show ,but Randy is 100 percent correct.I personally think Oprah gets her ratings and makes a living off the misery of young children that have been molested.She has been doing it for the past thirty years.


I like Randy...he seems to be the "no nonsense" member of the Jackson family..good lookin out for your older bro, Randy!
I don't think Oprah likes MJ, or any black man for that matter...LOL..


I love the Jacksons and I am looking forward to seeing the parents on the Oprah Winfrey show. I respect Randy's feelings and see where he is coming from but I want to see how the family have been doing since Michael's death no matter which source it comes from.


Oprah DON'T give a hoot about MJ.


Oprah took a very long time after MJ's death to even say a kind word. When she saw that she could get ratings she then did a program. Even in that program you could tell that she never really liked Michael. I agree with RJ. I think it is a big mistake. Just like the J5 reality show and when MJ himself allowed that British reporter in his home who ended up using the interview to implicate him. People shd learn from past mistakes. I will watch the interview if it airs- but this may be the last straw that will embarrass the Jackson family. Where was Oprah durin MJ's hardest days ? The woman just wants to join others to capitalize on his death. RJ appears to be one of the few who really cared about MJ as a person.


I totally agree Blaine, if Oprah wanted to set the record straight she should interview Aphrodite Jones and Tom Messereau about what was really revealed at during the 2005 trial. I don't think Oprah wants to set the record straight, I think she wants ratings.


i use to like the oprah show but she is all about the rateing and what a way to go out with a bang!! she knowns that if she had michael's family on there how many people would watch..love you michael rest in peace!


I agree with Randy, O does not care about anything or anyone but herself, she is so into herself even if the jury finds a person not guilty if she does not feel it is right, then it is wrong. The lady that worked to her school, they found her not guilty but she is angry not agree with the system, when they found you not guilty in the cow/meat case were they wrong then. I know you are big O but wake up, just b/c you think something is right or wrong does not mean it will go your way. Check yourself, IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU, JUST IN CASE YOU DID NOT KNOW.


Truth is truth, I also remember how Oprah brought forward to her show bad digs *at Michael during one of the hardest chapters of his life. Included also were remarks on her stage, suggesting that Michael married Lisa Marie to clean up his image.
Back in the early 90's Michael was a man of mystery,until he allowed Oprah to visit his home for **that exclusive interview, not long afterwards Michael was under investigation for the first allegations of abuse. After Oprah's *exclusive interview,he became a target of the media, a practice that never went away. As the parents of Michael, Katherine and Joseph know their son, and as a longtime lover of his music,I appreciate that gift that he gave to others through entertaining. Oprah needs to leave Michael's memory ***Alone!!!

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