Randy and Evi Quaid: Wanted!

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Actor Randy Quaid and his bat$h!t insane wife Evi once again face arrest warrants after failing to show up for a Santa Barbara, Calif., court hearing yesterday.

The allegations against them? That they were crashing in a guest house of a Montecito home they once owned. Just staying there. Seriously, this happened.

A real estate agent found them out. Hilarious.

Randy Quaid Mugshot
Evi Quaid Mugshot

Randy and Evi Quaid: Not sane. Or unfunny.

Santa Barbara Senior Deputy D.A. Lee Carter says $50,000 warrants were issued after the duo failed to appear for arraignment on residential burglary charges.

As in their previous case, in which they were charged with defrauding an innkeeper and routinely missed court dates, the two are free to turn themselves in.

Otherwise, if they are seen by authorities between now and October 26, they'll be arrested on the spot. If they blow off that court date too ... it'll get ugly.


Don't they let celebrities bathe before taking their mug shots?


Perhaps the Quaids are just tempting fate, "what is will be" is their answer to all their problems. Maybe the good Lord above is testing them trying to get their attention that the only one who has the abiltiy to really help them in their trails and troubles is Christ Jesus the Lord. I do hope they will do the right thing and give up their law breaking ways and work toward peace in their life.


Randy is obviously in dire need of help. Where are all his so-called friends and family??????


What is Randy thinking? He's smarter than this, and more talented too. Course we're all having trouble getting jobs. sigh God bless. RB


What has gone wrong in their lives? Could it be substance abuse? Have they mismanaged their money living an extravagant lifestyle they couldn't afford? How very sad the whole ordeal seems to be.


The article about the Quaids' says, "If they blow off that court date too ... it'll get ugly." Their mug shots are all over the media and internet followed by words in articles that say, "burglary, warrants, insane, defraud, missed court dates, will be arrested on the spot." The shits already UGLY.

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