Rachel Uchitel: I'm Just a Normal Girl!

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Rachel Uchitel had affairs with Tiger Woods and David Boreanaz, but the professional mistress swears that the public has a completely incorrect perception of her.

Pretty sure we do not, but whatever helps you sleep, Rache.

"I am different than the cartoon character that people have made me out to be," she tells E! News. "I am just a normal girl. Like anybody you would know." LOL.

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Rachel Uchitel: The skanky, professional mistress next door.

"I am absolutely not the wicked witch people have made me out to be," she says. "It's hurtful. I am human. It's a hurtful thing to have people talk about you. There are a lot of things that I think people don't know because nobody has ever asked."

*Sniff* Anybody got a tissue?

Promoting her upcoming appearance on Celebrity Rehab, the former event planner, who was reportedly treated for "love addiction" on the reality show, wouldn't talk about Tiger Woods of course, since he paid her $10M to shut her yap.

David Boreanaz, however? Fair game!

"It was a situation where I was deeply in love with somebody and he was deeply in love with me," Rachel said of her sordid affair with the Bones leading man.

"You never really know what you're being told - no matter who you are, no matter what relationship you're in - you never really know if the person is really being honest with you. I took a chance and I bet on the wrong horse."

Asked if she knew his status - he married Jaime Bergman in 2001 and, during her affair with Boreanaz, Bergman was pregnant - Rachel said, "I did know David was married. But I also knew the kind of relationship that David was in."

What the hell does that mean? That it's okay because he was more into her than his wife at the time? As for whether she knew Tiger was married ...

"I understand it is a subject people are really interested in," she says. "It's something I have never spoken about ... something I don't wish to speak about at all."

Not that she could legally say otherwise anyway, but Rachel claims that not commenting about Tiger Woods is her own decision as part of moving on with life.

"I really changed my life in the last year," said Rachel, who is studying to be a detective and dating on Match.com. "I've changed all the people I speak to. I've changed what I do for a living. My entire way that I live is completely different."

So she only pursues non-famous married men now? Good to know?

Here's a clip from her interview with E! News ...


Makes me sick to hear her talk about her "love" for that loser David Boreanaz. He's the biggest CREEP!! He had numerous affairs during his wife's pregnancy, Rachel was NOT the only one he was professing his "love" to. He was cheating with a really gross looking porn star, an extra on his show (who is now suing him), his publicist, and God knows who else! He's a really twisted sex addict who meets girls in underground parking lots for sex. He's been doing major damage control to try to save his image, but he should have paid Rachel to shut her trap, like Tiger did.
She has a lot of nerve to go on National Television and say she had a deep love for a married man, and then say she's a changed woman who has been misjudged. She needs to just go AWAY. Take her ugliness and crawl back under the rock she came from.


sunnycat, regardless of what you might think of Elin, that does NOT excuse what Tiger did to her whatsoever. She didn't deserve it. No wife does. Rachel is a whore plain and simple. She's just as much to blame for ruining these men's marriages as the men are themselves. It takes two. harry, while I agree with you about the part regarding Rachel never ending up married to someone like David, let's be honest here. David isn't REALLY trying to fix things. He's trying to repair his image publicly, but that's about it. He cheated on his first wife and he's been cheating on Jaime for years. He's not going to stop. That's not exactly trying to 'fix' things. I'm a huge fan of David's, but let's be real here.


Um screwing married men for publicity and money isn't normal. Damn you are not going to become famous, especially NOT this way because people are not going to take you seriously EVER. You are a liability and people really don't like you because you.


Digusting whore!!!


to you and you will never find whatever you are looking for behaving like such a nasty, uncaring piece of work! the point is you will never end up married to someone like david boreanaz because he wouldnt want to, don't you get it? you were his bit on the side, a fling, affair but it wasn't love, none of it is love because he is still with his wife and children, trying to fix things, if he cared about you at all, it wouldnt be this way, you dont have a chance


all you are is a homewrecker, an unpleasent piece of obviously low self esteemed and revel in others misery. why else and HOW else could you ever go with a married person, marriage clearly means NOTHING


she wasn't responsible for Tiger's and Elin's divorce. :( it was tiger who cheated on elin in the first place. I wouldn't blame him personally. js. so really, let's leave these ppl alone. that's the only issue here. just saying.


Rachel, "Normal" people do not have their name & picture in the tabloids every week getting their ex lover's attention (or trying to) while he is still married. You were 90% responsible for Tiger & Elin's divorce and you are shameless. You deserve every bit of unhappiness and misery that comes your way. So, don't try the "poor me" label. It does not fit.


Rachel, if you are NORMAL, the rest of the world is in trouble. And no, we do not have the wrong perception of you. You are an immoral piece of garbage and you go out w/no panties and are proud of it. So how can we get the wrong opinion of you when your promote yourself as this homewrecker and want everyone to know it. Sell your story to someone else.


No WHORE I do not know any fucking skanks like you!! You are in a class all by yourself! Why don't you stop sleeping with rich famous MARRIED guys to make your living huh? Find another hobby!


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