Rachel Uchitel: Domestic Violence Victim?

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We hadn't heard from Rachel Uchitel until thisĀ  strange story surfaced. Maybe she's jealous of Jasmine Waltz ascending to professional mistress status?

According to reports, Uchitel is claiming that a high-profile ex-lover beat her up while the couple was on a romantic holiday in Bora Bora in May 2009.

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No, not Tiger Woods or Bones star David Boreanaz. Most likely.

Rachel Uchitel is back in the news ... for reasons sort of unknown.

The mistress who sparked the Tiger car crash told a friend, "We were on vacation when he flew into a jealous rage, hit me and tried to strangle me."

Whoever he is "locked her in their bungalow for two days without clothes or a way to get out," the friend of Rachel Uchitel alleges, according to Radar.

The celebrity gossip site claims it knows the identity of the man at the center of the allegations, but has chosen not reveal his identity at this time.

Forgive us for being a little skeptical.

Uchitel says that she did not report the domestic violence case to law enforcement, because she was "in love" with the man, who she forgave.

She later split from the man, after learning he had cheated on her.

Rachel, who now lives in Los Angeles, was unavailable for comment. She is currently studying forensic investigation in Los Angeles, and she's attempting to complete a two-year master's program in forensic psychology.

"She started classes a few weeks ago and absolutely loves it," said the friend who revealed Uchitel is hoping to become a media pundit on crime.

"Rachel is following her dream."

We wish her the best.


Maybe this whore would like to hook up with Mel G. I would be all for that one! LOL


This prostitute seems to have had more lovers than hair on her head!!! Is Uglitel revealing this incident now to extort money from her lover??? We all know that she is an expert extorting money from her married lovers!!! The man in question could not have been Tiger because reportedly, Tiger and Uglitel did not become involved until June 2009!!!