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Well, I honestly don't know. I don't really like her that much and all I'm hearing for her defense is, "she's growing up". Well Idk because I know for a FACT that not everyone dresses like that when they grow up. My joke is, "as she starts to grow up her clothes just seem to shrink and lessen" lol. I'm not like Justin Bieber haters that go on saying shit when they don't even know him. The only thing I don't like about Miley is how she dresses but you know, it's her life and she can do and dress how she wants. People shouldn't tell her what to do. In my eyes she's been doing great with her life.


this video is ridiculous! i do understand she is growing up and no longer a child. i just think she could have slowly progressed into what she is now instead all at once and give the fans and their parents time to adjust as she progressed into that in the video. i am a mother of 3 kids and the youngest 2 are girls and they love miley but i don't want them to see that and think it's okay. i would rather see her take her time with her music videos and start showing a little bit at a time that way she would still have her young fans because i honestly think she is goin to lose her fans that are younger then 12 and dont understand because parents arent goin to allow their kids to watch that.


no i don't agree!! when are people going to realize that she is growing up, she not a little kid anymore and she should be able to wear what she wants.

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