Parents Television Council Slams Miley Cyrus for "Sexualized Video," Sending Bad Message

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Turns out, THG isn't the only one to have a major problem with Miley Cyrus.

Following the release of the singer's video for "Who Owns My Heart," which includes the 17-year writhing around in bed, blindfolded, the Parents Television Council has released the following statement:

Typical Miley Pose

It is unfortunate that she would participate in such a sexualized video like this one. It sends messages to her fan base that are diametrically opposed to everything she has done up to this point.  Miley built her fame and fortune entirely on the backs of young girls, and it saddens us that she seems so eager to distance herself from that fan base so rapidly.

Hmmm... where else did we read something very similar?

Earlier in the week, the PTC also took issue with Glee for its Britney Spears episode. Sound off now: Do you agree with its take on Miley and her video?


reemember brittney speers,Xtina,dont bully a young girl.shame on you


I can understand where you guys are coming from, but you folks are individuals and have a right to say what ever you like.But When a nasty hipocritical money sucking organization comes after her then that is a whole different story..As we all know Hanah Montana is a character and Miley Cyrus is a real person that works and makes her own money and for that we all know she is a good role model.


@Dee: I take it you've never opened up the Bible before have you? Has absolutely nothing to do with what I think, you think or anyone else does. Women are not to be dressed or act in a fashion that will promote lust in man's eye. So, get over yourself. I'm not even the Christian I should be, far from it, but at least I do know that!!!!!!!!


I don't give a damn what she does or who she does it with, but shame on her damn parents for allowing her to date a 20 year old man when she was only 15 years old! Why would someone that guy's age want to bang a child? Did good ole' boy Billy Ray even think about that?


and one more thing who cares if she is dating a 20 year old who cares id shes having sex its her life back off people serioulsy this is getting old.grow up!and no she not telling people to do wht shes doing she living her life let her!.GROW UP PEOPLE!.there all rummers tht people are stupid and you miley:)


OMG.people her video is not bad seriously people grow up!.miley is not a bad person i love her miley you keep doing your thing! the reason why people are saying bad stuff about miley is because there rumors.there not true people grow up!seriouly this is getting ridclous.if you dont like here dont have the chance to talk about her look at her or listen to her music,because this is really getting old.parents or kids she is not bad there is nothing wrong with her video again.its her life let her do wht she wants so everyone miley hatters back off!.seriously grow up people!.mileys not bad person love you miley keep doing your thing.


yall don't understand she is telling her fans go dress like that and go to club and behave like that like a slut and she's dating a 20 year old she's telling her fans to date an older man thats not right




I bet if miley gave this parent group some money, they would shut the hell up .Parent groups and christian organizations are always mad about something and always looking for money just like religous whores.I know personally know evangelical women that sell themselves for $20 just like hamburger hookers.


@Rach.....There are over 30,000 different Christian churches in the world. Each one has its own variation of Christianity. In each church there are variations among members. You follow your specific Christian beliefs and she follows hers. Your beliefs are not the absolute guidelines for Christianity. Her image may not be Christian according to your slice of Christianity, but you definitely do not speak for all of Christianity. To expect all Christians to be a cloned version of your concept of a Christian, exhibits an unfortunate lack of understanding and an unfortunate degree of intolerance.


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