Oksana to Mel: You're in Contempt, Deadbeat!

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Oksana Grigorieva claims that Mel Gibson is in contempt of court by not coughing up more child support. He could be facing jail time if a judge agrees.

The Russian musician’s legal team filed the legal motion Thursday, asking a Los Angeles judge to order him to pay $20,000 a month in child support.

The couple shares a daughter, Lucia, who turns one tomorrow. Mel is not allowed to see her on her birthday. Now Oksana would like him in jail, too.

If found guilty at a November 10 hearing, Mel could be jailed.

“For three consecutive months, Mel paid Oksana between $5,000 and $10,000 each month, it varies, but either way, it is well short of what a judge instructed he must deliver the mother of his child," says a source close to the case.

Her now-ex-lawyer Lisa Bloom said last month that “Mel Gibson is a deadbeat dad at this point” for not complying with an order to pay Oksana $20,000 a month.

Why not just pay it?

For his part, Me has been refusing to write the full check until the judge rules on a dispute over the Sherman Oaks home he owns and Oksana and Lucia live in.

Mel wants $6,000 deducted from the monthly figure for rent.

In any case, Mel is being deposed in the couple's custody battle next week. He will not be asked about domestic violence against Oksana, or the alleged extortion she committed against him, both of which are being investigated separately.

Just when you think this can't get any uglier.


you know, sometimes it isn't that he is so great ... he isn't. He's a human being with faults and good points, like all of us. He had a meltdown and should be helped.
But she is so stinkin' rotten, so sickening in her greed, her manipulation, her lies ... she has completely cheapened the cause of battered women everywhere ... the damage she is doing to her daughter, the Mel's family ... it's just so grrrrrrrrrr


As other posters have said, Mel has asked the judge to clarify if the new monthly child support of $20,000 includes rent or not. Mel has been providing Oksana, her son, and his daughter with a house without charging rent in addition to monthly support payments, but now he would like to know if the new court-ordered amount includes housing or not. Judge Gordon needed time to rule on this, set the date for November 10, and Mel is not required to pay the $20,000 until this matter is decided. The contempt of court charge recently filed by Oksana is frivolous and only intended to further damage Gibson’s reputation. "Deadbeat" does not usually apply to fathers who provide good housing, medical coverage, food, nannies, and monthly support payments of at least $5000 for a one year old child. Why does Mel Gibson get that label? It is completely unjust.


we have only heard one side. oksana ought to support the baby also. she is a gold digger and mel isnt perfect. we dont know what oksana done when she didnt tape herself. oksana makes me sick


Oksana DID NOT FILE CHARGES. Only a judge levies a contempt charge, they are not filed. There is nothing in this article that even makes the slightest legal sense. Oks's atty MAY have filed a Motion for Contempt, but it would be then set for hearing with briefs and arguments sometime in the future .... and routinely denied. All Smoke, no fire.


He's drug addicted and an alcoholic whose manic with BPD who gets his thrills out of beating the mother of his children oh and who beats the kids he chose to create. Shame on those of you who support domestic violence! She should have used a gun to get right of the garbage that being Mel.


He is smart and stupid. CHEAP ASS HOLE!!! ASS HOLE! If you want somebody blow you up than go and bay the Porno star like your friend did. Ha ha.


Mel is very smart man. LOL. He should pay child support in a amount $20,000.00 Than mother of his child will decide if she and his daughter want to stay in his house and pay rent. Or if she want to move out to her own house. Or if she want to rent another house for her and kids. It's up to her. Mel is still want to control her and tell her what to do. Ass Hole.


Yea bitch and your a gold-digging whore!


I assume that Mel assumes the $20,000 includes housing. It means her finding a place and paying a landlord some money to house the baby. It's not money for her to pocket. She is squatting and greedy if she is demanding to stay in the house and then demand money for housing. If the judge declares that the 20000 excludes housing, I asssume Mel will have to comply.


I can't believe this dumb b_tch. Does she really think she has the upper hand here. It is just amazing how people like her will use men for their own purposes and when they don't get what they want they have to sue. Just look at the hooker that Charlie Sheen hooked up with for a couple of hours. She wanted $12k and if she doesn't get it she will sue him and have his probation revoked. Who the hell are these people and where did they come from?? Not normal man, just fake all the way around.

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