Oksana Grigorieva: I Have Battered Wife Syndrome!

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In an effort to explain why it took her so long to report Mel Gibson's abusive ways, Oksana Grigorieva claims she was suffering from "battered wife" syndrome.

She is not, nor was she ever his wife, but that's beside the point.

Sources close to the actor's estranged baby mama say that after his alleged January 6 attack, during which she said she thought he would kill her, she dumped him.

But three weeks later, she was back, was overtly affectionate with Mel and told friends he convinced her the attack was a one-time deal and would seek therapy.

Mel n' Oksana Picture

Oksana's PR offensive against Mel knows no boundaries.

Oksana says she was a closet girlfriend until the January 6 incident. Afterward, Mel promised he'd treat her like a trophy girlfriend, taking her out in public, etc.

Then came the Mel Gibson rants, and you know the rest. She's alleging domestic abuse and death threats while seeking custody of their baby daughter, Lucia.

Furthermore, her close relationship with her bodyguard - convicted felon Kristian Otto Herzog - is further evidence she's drawn to men with violent tendencies.

For the record, Mel has not been charged with any crime, although his erratic behavior and full-fledged insanity are well-documented. Tell us where you stand:


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