Oksana Grigorieva Claims Mystery Witness Saw Mel Gibson Beatdown

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Oksana Grigorieva, Mel Gibson's estranged baby mama, told Sheriff's deputies there was another person present the night the actor allegedly assaulted her.

She says a man named Tony, a security guard and driver for Mel, was there for the alleged assault, a potentially key witness in their domestic violence case.

Mel and Oskana Picture

One small problem, according to TMZ ... no one named Tony worked for Mel at the time. Once again, Oksana probably couldn't appear shadier if she tried.

Still, she tells investigators she's positive Tony was at Mel's Malibu home and believes he saw the altercation ... or at least part of it. This is all very unclear.

Any witness to the alleged incident would be huge if domestic violence charges are filed against Mel Gibson, but that seems unlikely to us, Tony or no Tony.

Despite her claims that Mel could kill us all, Gibson has not been charged with a crime. He needs serious help, but the O.G. has a serious credibility problem.

Sure, it's possible Mel paid Tony a million bucks to change his name and disappear. It's also possible Oksana is lying or exaggerating the incident with him.

The D.A. will make that call. In the meantime ...


Its clear from the tapes that Mel Gibson is an obnoxscious animal. The reason they broke up in the first place is because of the way he acted. She was only trying to reveal what she was up against by revealing his verbal and physical abuse on the tapes. She said she was fearful of him.


Grigorieva is the biggest slut that has ever disgraced Hollywood.
Did you read all her stories?
Did you see all her interviews?
Did you see how she promised in interviews that we all will know the "truth" soon ( Moscow, April)?


Mel said some lousy things in private one evening, but Oksana has dragged him through the dirt on a global basis and lied repeatedly to try to boost her credibility and earning power in the court of public opinion. What is worse--an evening of profane but private rage or months of humiliating someone in front of the whole world? Get real--who is the real bully here? It is not the guy who has been silent for months--that is for sure.


Yeah, Oksana, God has come forward to say God saw the whole thing and is feeling pretty fed up with the way you are re-writing and embellishing things. But your specialty lies with quotes from dead or missing witnesses. 'Can't wait to hear what your lawyer tells us the mystery/missing witness saw.


If TMZ thinks it's shady to protect yourself from domestic violence and emotional abuse, then it must be run by abusive people. Thank goodness Oksana had the courage to tape Mel's abusive behavior. I wish I had done the same for my emotionally abusive ex-husband. Women have no proof or chance against wealthy, powerful, and bullying men.
TMZ is being abusive and misogynistic to women in reporting about this incident.


I find it shocking that THG allows such biased and anti female stories regarding Oksana. Mel and Oksana's relationship was filled with verbal, emotional and physical abuse which Mel as proof for anyone to hear in the tapes leaked clearly shows this and he also admits to. The fact that THG calls her shady, questionable, and tries to allude to her stories being fabricated when these tapes are all out there for the world to hear the abuse shows either they support domestic violence against women or have no idea what it is. This publication clearly supports beating and demeaning women and I find it as a women sickening and disturbing.

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