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@Cindy: "People always give advice and opinions that aren't asked of them."
Isn't that what you just did?

Also good to know that Miley is "taking the road of Britney." Now there's a role model! I wonder what she'll name her two kids in a couple years and how her father will manager her finances after a court deemed her unstable enough to do so herself.


Miley is an artist like she says, this is her art. I f you don't like it leave her and her art alone. Sex sells, that's why she will still be relevent in a few years, that's why she is still relevent. She is taking the road of Britney, which isn't bad. Selena and Demi are taking the Hilary Duff route. What was the last thing that Hilary did that was successful? Get married? Exactly! Miley is infamous for doing what people don't want her to do, and her fans love it. Critics too, it gives them something to write about and stay relevent as well. Like thehollywoodgossip.com. Leave her alone, it's her life only she can live it. She's not telling us how to live ours. People always give advice and opinions that aren't asked of them.

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