New Miley Cyrus Music Video: "Who Owns My Heart"

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As "Miley Cyrus" said on Saturday Night Live last week, she's totally, like, a mature movie star now.

Along those lines, the real Miley has taken another step in the adult direction with her music video for "Who Owns My Heart." In it, the artist sings on a bed; in the backseat of a limo; and while wearing only a tanktop and underwear in the bathroom.

Considering how little time she spent getting dressed, you'd think Cyrus could have focused a bit more on lyrics that include such a profound hook as Who owns my heart? Is it love, or is it art? A moving question to ponder as you watch Miley writhe around below...

What do you think of the video?


who the hell cares, isnt there more important things for people to get upset about, shes a young adult... leave her alone


i think she's a ho and she's telling her fans do the same thats not right


Dont get me wrong, I do LOVE Miley cyrus but I was expecting more from this video. Especially after her "can't be tamed" video and she was saying how she wanted to be different, this video is so unoriginal :(


"I just hate cunts trying to be a smartass over the fucking internet" @Hollywood your one of those cunts trying to be a smartass over the fucking internet so why the hell are you talking and just SHUT THE HELL UP NO ONE CARES IF YOU SELL HANDBAGS SWEETIE JUST SHUT UP!!


hey wat do u all guyz want haa? U want miley to sing a baby song with her teddys, n doll. She is grown up n next month she'll b 18 it means she is grownup.. N wat u expect with a grow up 2 do all baby on guyz u 2 r grown up. N wat if she wearzzz shorts n back less.. She sings well that's d most imp thing.


@sj.....Well said.


I think it's great that Miley is becoming more sophisticated with her music and style and trying to broaden her audience rather than just playing it safe and appealing only to tweenies. And how in the world does having 2 previous boyfriends and dating the same guy for over a year make you a sl*t??? Are people really that ignorant or just jealous as they clearly don't know the meaning of the word? It's the same with dumb people comparing her to Britney or Lohan. As far as I know, Miley doesn't smoke, drink, take drugs, hasn't been to rehab, been arrested, had a mug shot taken, been to court, gone to jail, shaved her head, had a in other words she's nothing like Britney or Lohan!!!!!! People need to leave her alone and stop being so self righteous and judgemental, if you don't like her or her music then don't watch....simple!


Come on guys, she is 18 ( i think ). She is a big girl and is not a little kid anymore. If snooki would do this, you guys wont call her slut. So i'm not saying to love her, i'm just saying to not be so mean!


She's got style she's got voice she's unique ^_^ ! I like her specially after "I cant be tamed ;) keep up Miley... You're awsm!


Well, yes, she can do anything she wants. But she needs to realise she she has a choice between being 'different' because she's a Christian, or be trashy like everyone else. All I'm saying is, you can't claim to be one and then act the other. You can SAY what you believe, but if you don't ACT like it....?


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