New Miley Cyrus Music Video: "Who Owns My Heart"

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As "Miley Cyrus" said on Saturday Night Live last week, she's totally, like, a mature movie star now.

Along those lines, the real Miley has taken another step in the adult direction with her music video for "Who Owns My Heart." In it, the artist sings on a bed; in the backseat of a limo; and while wearing only a tanktop and underwear in the bathroom.

Considering how little time she spent getting dressed, you'd think Cyrus could have focused a bit more on lyrics that include such a profound hook as Who owns my heart? Is it love, or is it art? A moving question to ponder as you watch Miley writhe around below...

What do you think of the video?


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i say just let her be. i mean theres alot of you saying that there is girls that are worst than miley and that is true but these girls aren't famous like miley is so they don't really set an example for every little girl out there that watches disney channel. miley does need to set an example for the young girls out here i mean i understand shes growing but what will the little girls out here think of what she is doing? are you all going to let them act like her or will you just show them other stuff. just think is she setting a good example???


Miley Cyrus new music video not suitable for Minor. If you above 18+ watch this video - Who Owns My Heart Full Video:


As far as poppy-love songs go, this one is actually relatively good. Some of the lyrics are pretty, poetic, even if the message isn't the best. For the Miley-Scandal, I say her clothing is rather revealing, considering she's not even 18 yet, but I've seen girls her age wear similar things. And while she's still a role model for young girls, you can't expect her to stay young and innocent and such forever. People get older, they become less childlike and more mature (appearance wise), and the famous are more likely to go rotten. I can see why parents are upset, but if you don't watch your kid to watch it, don't let them.


I personally think she is in transition. She has made a business decision. Miley is not as racy as most of the other singers out. I feel she is being unfairly judged. Child stars have the right to grow up without people judging their every move.


Wow, I really say poor Miley here. I'm a parent of a young girl myself who loves Miley Cyrus (hannah montana). Miley is growing in to a woman and yes, she is a role model for younger girls, but at the same time she is in a business and to reach out to older fans,and express her self as an adult, what's the big deal! Just dont let your younger children watch the video! If you have a teenager who see's the video on tv,just talk with them and tell them that its inapropriate behavior,and that she is simply playing a role in a video.. and that it doesnt depict her as an actual person. You can either agree with me or not,doesnt really matter, I say just let to poor girl grow up and instead of judging her and saying bad things try to understand and as i said dont let your younger kids watch the video!!


@ at sara i don't beleive in what she doing is right she is telling her fans to do the samething if your daughter wanted to dress like miley would you let her do it?


I'm a Christian woman and I don't appreciate being called a cross dresser.But I do believe Miley should have the right to do what ever Mr. Mouse tells her to do.


Yeah Miley I totally want to see your vagina. How about next time you wear even LESS CLOTHING. yeah, well you know what? I don't care. Miley.... People only try to correct your actions because they care. One of my teachers said that if someone sees you doing something wrong and doesn't point it out that they have already given up on you. It's not to late to put on some pants and give your fans what they really want, because you ain't makin' new ones out of us. But obviously, she don't wanna listen, so I'm just forgetting her and moving on, b/c I won't be surprised when MC pulls a Jamie Lynn.


LEAVE HER ALONE stop writing bad things about her ,sure shes gone a little to far but sheesh your all saying mean things about her really stop it i hate fights and being mean unless i have to you people dont have to. I love miley and i disagree with all of this but shes 17 for crying out loud! shes a star she'll want to experiment with music and dance moves etc.
you would'nt like to be called a cunt etc. would you? thats miley (maybe). I so wish that the mean unlifeworthy people would STOP THIS NONSENSE please STOP
TY from Alexa


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